Monday, January 10, 2011

Already planning my new garden

I am already planning what I'm going to plant in my new garden. I've made a couple of little maps, but it is hard to completely design anything because I don't know the dimensions and am not quite sure how much space I'm working with other than what I remember from being on the property three times (both for only about a half hour at a time). Originally, we were not going to have chickens at the new place, but now as moving time gets closer I'm rethinking that and thinking if the two close by neighbors are not bothered by it I would like to again. I figure the more of our food we can have that is from our own local sources the better.

I'm trying to figure out whether or not it would be more cost efficient to buy some cedar plants and build my own raised beds or to buy them pre-made. I've also been planning what to grow and where.

The people who are buying our house want our little cedar playhouse taken away (I'm thinking they are not planning on having kids because it is such a cool playhouse!) and I'm actually kind of happy about that because my dad bought it for my daughter and it is really cool. Even if she doesn't want to keep it as her playhouse or "art house" which is what it is right now, I could easily make it into my potting/garden shed. Maybe even put our old windows from the house in on one side and make it a semi-greenhouse? Hmmmmm ... that would be so cool! I've been wanting a green house. Must look into what it takes to make one.

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  1. Can't believe they don't want it. it is awesome!