Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally got to ride my horse again!

It's been a coupla few weeks since I've been out to ride my horse so I made a point to go out for an hour this afternoon even though it's hard to leave the house in such a state of chaos. I was burning out though and feeling like there was just no way I was going to be able to open another box or put anything else away. Or maybe I could but I would cry very hard about it.

I was surprised that Girlfriend was not mad at me for not being around much. In fact she seemed very happy to see me and let out lots of big, happy sighs and gave me some nuzzles. She also gently put her nose in front of my face a few times which she does when she wants me to kiss her nose. She didn't do any of her usual pushing me with her nose to test me that she tends to try and do when I'm grooming her.

When we got in the arena as soon as I got on her she started to bolt and she was all sorts of bouncy, trotty, ready to run. But she kept letting out these big happy sneezes and shaking her head and giving little happy bucks. I thought after a couple weeks (or three? however long it's been) of not riding I'd feel very out of practice but I just felt like I sank right into the saddle and was back home again, even with her little jerks to try and bolt and her excitement. After she warmed up we did a little canter work that devolved into galloping a couple times and at one point it took me half way around the arena to get her to stop. She just was so excited she was having trouble hearing my signals above her wish to run. I didn't feel like she was running away with me, I just felt like she was being slower about stopping than she usually is. It was nice to work with her even if it was short and I can't believe she is going to be 27 years old this year! I can see how her back is getting really swayed and I worry about the soundness of her legs, but so far she's holding up well and still enjoying being ridden.

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