Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Less than 24 hours ...

The "less than 24 hours" applies not only to when the movers are coming, but to how short the nasty nasty stomach virus was. My husband was feeling better in about 18 hours and eating again and my daughter was queasy, threw up at school and then wanted to drink lots of water, which thankfully she kept down. She was eating as much as she could by yesterday morning. I got sick night before last and was laid out all day yesterday so I didn't get anything that needed to be done worked on - not packing or stuff for work.

So, today my daughter is back at school, my husband is back at work, and I'm dragging my tired butt around getting some packing done and taking frequent rest breaks. My stomach is feeling better but I don't have my appetite back yet. Part of that is probably from lots of anxiety about moving. Plus, I'm fascinated by the routes that my mind will take when anxious. For those of you who may read this and not know me personally, one of my hobbies is writing stories. And most of those stories - whether they be short stories or novels - are dark. Dark humor and usually some aspect of horror. I try to keep them fairly tame now after writing a story back when I was 18 that a friend started to read and said, "God, this is truly horrific! I can't read something that horrifying and grotesque." I decided after that I don't need to be putting out so much negative energy into the world so everything I write now has a happy ending ... in a dark humorous twist sort of a way.

Anyway, it's a good outlet for me to write these stories because my brain is very imaginative at scaring me. The latest thought-process today that I had to nip in the bud was, "Ok, you didn't actually throw up so you haven't actually caught the stomach flu yet ... it's going to hit today or tonight right as you're going to have to move." I told my husband what I'd been thinking and he laughed and said, "Oh no, you weren't sick. You were just laid out in bed moaning for 12 hours and popping anti-nausea pills like candy because you were nervous. I don't think so!" Good point.

One thing I realized last year that I try to remember to do, is to flip all that creativity around. Sure, terrible things *could* happen and I can think of all the various possibilities in vivid, imaginative, technicolor - but I can also think of all the wonderful things that could happen in vivid, imaginative technicolor. Like how my co-worker stopped by Monday night (without me even asking!) to bring yummy chicken soup from PCC and some green tea. Or how even though my husband and daughter were so sick we couldn't go to the Escrow signing, the notary actually came to our house so we could close on the house we're buying. Or I can keep imagining what my garden will look like especially now that I've found out for sure that the treated fence posts were treated with copper azole and if I do raised garden beds anyway it will not be an issue at all - so we don't have to replace them. Or I can imagine what our little community garden/pea patch will be like in the area the HOA owns that isn't anything but overgrown grass right now - and what a cool community project that could be.

In other news, I've been watching the History channel while packing in our bedroom and learning about tuna. Apparently, the safest way to fish for tuna so that other species are not caught and killed in the process (like with long-lining which is one of the ways huge companies like Bumblebee catch their tuna) is bait boat poling which is similar to traditional fishing. And there is one one company I know for sure gets all their tuna like that so I may have to only buy their tuna from now on.

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  1. As I've gone about my day today, I've been thinking of you and how your move is going. I hope all is well and that your first sleep in your new home will be peaceful!