Thursday, January 27, 2011

New neighborhood!

So far the opinion of the new neighborhood seems to be good. I've only met one neighbor so far but she was friendly and she likes to sew and seemed happy to tell me where the good fabric stores are. She's very different from me I can already tell but I hope that will not be a point of stress seeing as she lives right next door. Maybe we will even be friends. Who knows.

The neighborhood itself is freakishly nice. I'm wondering why I swore I'd never move to the suburbs. The neighborhood grocery store is so swanky I swear I was walking around in awe the whole time we were looking for yogurt. In fact, we turned one corner and there before us was a giant wall covered from floor to ceiling with hundreds of bins of candy. I don't actually like to eat candy, but I do like to see huge glass bins filled with bright colors. Of course my daughter's reaction was stop and exclaim, "Wow!" They also had an excellent deli and really great produce and amazingly low prices compared to the city stores like Ballard Market and Whole Foods in Seattle.

I came out to the house earlier than the movers so that they wouldn't be tripping over my daughter. So, while we were waiting we took the dog for a walk down some trails and a boardwalk over a protected wetland and then around a big creek. The trees just went on and on in the swampy area and I was hoping to see a coyote roaming around. We're probably too close to town for deer. And definitely for elk (sigh). My daughter has declared that she loves this place and it is the best place in the world.

Our new house is a bit overwhelming. We came from an 85 year old Craftsman and although it is really cute, it is small and the rooms are small and it's a cute, small city house. Our new house is huge (comparatively - it's definitely not a McMansion though) and the rooms are big and the windows are big and the ceiling are super high. And it's two stories which is going to be good exercise for me having to fun back and forth up and down the stairs all day. And what blows my mind is we are saving money by living in this house because it cost less than what we sold our cute little city house for. The movers kept exclaiming how beautiful our new house is and could not believe it when I said it is actually financially downsizing for us to move here and part of my motivation was it is a way for us to save money.

Willow the pitbull loves it. She went tearing around the house, running up and down the stairs, and then ceremoniously ran into each room and rolled on the carpet. BuddyCat (who is about to turn 16) just walked around, checking things out, seemed to think it passed muster and found a chair to sleep on that wasn't covered with boxes. Diamond the kitten was a lot more freaked out, but she's calming down a little bit.

I'd be jumping up and down with excitement but I'm exhausted. In my head I'm jumping up and down from excitement. I was on the mend yesterday until evening and then my stomach rebeled on me for eating "real food" too soon after being sick. So, I went to bed feeling crappy and extremely anxious about moving day and extremely anxious I would not be well enough to move. Plus, I was just feeling anxious about the unknown that is completely changing where one lives. I was lying in bed feeling like hyperventilating and having quite a stomachache and thinking that there was no way I could calm down when it occurred to me that, "Oh, yeah, I could pray. That always makes me feel better." So I did. And it did. I just said a a little prayer asking for comfort and I immediately started to relax. This is why I choose to believe in God. It gives me great comfort. I'm not one that will ever say I know God exists because I know full well there may be no God and it's all part of our human mind's way of making order in a complex universe. But it works for me. Ok, so I don't think Jesus was born of an immaculate conception, and I'm convinced that the reason he "died" so quickly on the cross is because he drank the zombie poison (most commonly heard of in Haiti) and then was administered a remedy which is why he "rose from the dead" ... but regardless of what really happened to the guy named Jesus way back when, I can relate to him on how he spoke of God and even if he was just some radical freak, it doesn't negate that believing in God makes me feel better and it doesn't hurt anyone so I can't quite see why the fuss by my athiest acquaintances that it's a bad thing.

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  1. I know atheists too, and I still believe in God. What I don't believe in is fundamentalism.