Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paper Houses

We went to visit our daughter's new school today and she seems very positive about the change. She definitely hung back and didn't want to go and look in the classrooms at first, but after about twenty minutes she suddenly started to feel comfortable and started chattering away to the principal about her current school. After a few minutes of that she looked at us and said, "She's going to be just fine during the transition." I hope so. The school she's at is such a good school that is has been really hard to think about leaving. But this new school looks equally nice and I do have to say that going to a school in a rich suburb has its perks. The music room was full to the brim with beautiful drums and keyboards and guitars. It was a bit shocking actually. I bet our current music teacher would love to have all those instruments.

After touring the school we went to our new house to do the final pre-close walk-through (basically to make sure the sellers haven't trashed it - although the people we're buying from are so neat and clean I don't think they'd have it in them to trash anything). We measured all the rooms so we could figure out where everything is going to go. I'm seriously thinking of making a big paper chart of the floor plans both upstairs and downstairs (to scale) and then cutting out little paper furniture (to scale) and then moving them around on the floor plan to see where things fit. If I have time seeing as the time to pack has descended on us and I can no longer put it off.

I've been stressing a lot about soil contamination in the backyard at our new house due to the pressure treated wood. I'm waiting to hear who the fence company was that put it in to find out what the wood was treated with. There is a chance it was a water-based treatment or a copper treatment which is not very toxic. But even if it is copper and not arsenate it is still too toxic to grow vegetables if it is leeching into the soil. So, while stressing about how to find out if what is in the soil I tried relaxing by reading this book about one of my co-workers. And then duh! It hit me that I can just send a sample to my co-worker and ask him if he would mind testing it. If of course it is not extremely expensive.

My husband had a wonderful idea too that I'm hoping we can do. There is an area by the storm drainage pond that is just overgrown grass and is owned by the HOA because there needs to be a certain amount of open space around the storm drainage resevoir. My husband suggested we see if they mind if we plant something there then that turned into the idea of putting raised beds there for a pea patch for the kids in the neighborhood. That would be really cool! Our house is the only house that has much of a yard and there are supposedly a lot of kids on the block. And if no one wants to tend it then I'd be happy to tend it and have a place for the kids to come and pick fresh vegetables in the spring and summer. So, we'll see. There may be some sort of code as to keeping those areas completely free of anything, but as long as there is access for trucks if workmen need to get in I think we may be able to do it.

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