Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What the day brings

This is one of my favorite songs and always makes me feel better even when I'm stressed out. And this whole house selling stuff is very stressful. Lots of deadlines and hassles and not being able to sleep well because I'm thinking too much. Add to that all the stress at work because we have a big fundraiser coming up and lots of deadlines and stress for that and extra hours of work ... Blah.

It's helping to hear other people's woes about house selling, either how stressful it was for them when they sold their house in the past, or the current woes they're having. Every two months I need to go the rheumatologist to have blood tests and make sure my medication is working and I'm not having any organ damage from the medication. Today most of our talk though was about how my doctor's house has been on the market for nine months and hasn't sold and how hard on her that has been. My neighbor across the street even said, "Hey, if these buyers don't work out for you send them over to us, ok?" I wonder what it is about other people struggling too that makes one feel better. It's not like it helps me that others were super stressed when they sold their house. Maybe because it means I'm not "special" in my stress.

=side note= The song that just came up on my iTunes Show Me by Mint Royale just had the lyrics: "Sometimes a body needs to feel stressed to appreciate the joy."

I took the pitbull to work as usual today and my boss had brought in his son's lab puppy, Beatle. Needless to say it was chaos. Beatle and my dog chased each other around the conference room table until one of them would slip and spin out and the other would crash into him and they'd both fly into the wall. Then they would collapse on their sides next to each other, panting and immobile until my boss answered an important phone call, then they'd jump up, start barking and chase each other around the conference room table again. It was pretty cute. I had trouble getting work done today.

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