Friday, January 14, 2011

WTF = Why the Face?

I've gotten completely hooked on this show. I'm now going to get all the seasons from Netflix and drive my poor husband crazy. I think the most disturbing part of the show though is that the "narcissistic cool dad" reminds me of a couple of my ex-boyfriends and makes me roll my eyes at my incredibly bad taste. One in particular named Brad comes to mind. He was one of those boys I dated for three months or four months and I was so sure we were meant to be and now eighteen years later I've no clue whatever happened to him. But I have a feeling he's kind of like "cool dad". =shudder=

So, a silly tv show is helping me relax as it hit me this morning that in exactly two weeks the moving van is showing up for us to move out of our house. I told my daughter's school when her last day is and set up a tour with her of her new school next week and am making lists of everything we need to cancel and all the places we need to change our address and it's kind of overwhelming. We've lived in this house for over ten years and so much has happened here. It's the only house our daughter has ever known (except for two months when we lived in "temporary house" while this house was being remodeled when she was two years old). I starting learning about organic gardening in my garden and I've spent god knows how many hours working on the yard. We did HUGE amounts of work to this house - building retaining walls and bringing in trees and plants and creating my big organic vegetable garden, and finishing the entire basement (which I taped, mudded and sanded almost all by myself when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy). We have really loved this house. So it is bittersweet to be selling it to a couple who has complained endlessly about what horrible shape the house is in and how much we're not doing for them and how they're paying way too much. Since we've never met them I'm really hoping that outside of buying/selling negotiation they are telling their friends how excited they are because all we've heard is how negligent we are and that we're trying to pull something over them or something (???). So, I'm feeling a little bit of guilt for the house that it may not be loved by the new owners like we have loved it. Then I have to remind myself that it is a house - not an animal or sentient being.


  1. Awww, sorry to hear that about the new owners... but you know, no one was holding a gun to their head to buy it, there's plenty of houses to choose from, so if they really didn't think they were going to be happy there why the heck are they buying it? They'll drop the pretense and learn to love it as much as you have... meanwhile you have a new house to make your home! That should be more fun to look forward to. :-)

  2. Every now and then, when I find myself in the city where we used to live, I drive by our old house. It was our first house and we loved it dearly. From the outside, it seems cared for enough: repainted and lawn usually mowed.

    What gets me every time is that they took out all the roses. The 48 rose bushes I had planted around the perimeter of the front yard are gone. But the worst is that they removed all the roses that had likely been in the front flower bed since the house was built in the early 40s. These were the hearty old roses that are only found at the homes of grandmothers and in the flower beds of houses over 50 years old. The first summer after we moved in, each of these old, hardy rose bushes put out a few brave flowers. Over the next few years I vigourously pruned them and lovingly guarded them from fungus and black spot and aphids. By the time we moved out at the end of our 6th summer, my roses were producing more gorgeous blossoms than we were able to give away. It breaks my heart to think of those rose bushes dropped into the yard waste bin.

    All this to say that, while I'm sad I don't have the roses and my adorable house anymore, I do have a wonderful life that wouldn't be the same if I had stayed in the lovely little house with the roses in front.

    I'm certain that you'll miss your house, especially since it's the first home your daughter will remember. But remember that your new home brings new opportunities and changes that you have been longing for. Cry when you leave. Then put all your energy toward making your new house into your new home. And if you like roses, plant some in your new yard :)