Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finally sitting down

I'm exhausted after the rush of moving and the rush of getting through our big fundraiser last Friday. I felt like I had a lot to write about but every time I sat down I honestly was just too tired to write. Friday took a lot of energy and there was one point where a SNAFU arose in my tracking system and guests were starting to arrive where I literally looked at a pile of messed up folders and papers and could not stop myself from muttering, "Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!" Luckily, B. (my second in command) said, "Ok, everyone just give J. her space so she can fix this! Don't talk to her and don't ask her anything until she'd done and just leave her alone!" The sad irony is the problem arose because I asked a co-worker to take over some of the processing because of moving stuff I had to do and it messed up my system - because in cases like this "my system" is usually complex enough that only I really understand it unless I have time to go over all the fine details - which I didn't have time for. So, if I do this again I will not doing in the middle of moving to another city!

In all, Friday's event went well. A lot of people showed up and we got a lot of positive feedback. One of the lawyers that supports our cause actually bought my two novels that we were auctioning off - that made me feel good. I was dragging some of our biggest supporters (just because I know them) over to the table to try and convince them to buy my books but I didn't actually think any of them would! One of the government workers (he calls himself an "evil bureaucrat") who came was joking about wanting to collaborate on a book with me about him being the front man for me so I don't ever have to do readings - and actually, I've been thinking about it and that could actually be a really fun story. I may start making notes on that.

I've been getting interesting feedback on my asphalt soil (as it is now called ... even thought technically it really is clay and not asphalt but it's hard to tell the different when you're trying to dig in it). Raised beds and cover crops have been the best advice so far. My friend, Bill suggested a rototiller until I explained how truly concrete-like it is and how many rocks there are. Bill's wife suggested removal in the planting area and replacement with amended soil - which is my plan. It's just the digging of the hole that is a stumbling point for me. My husband suggested a pick axe and I think that might be our best route. I'm going to plant hearty plants like heather and lavender in the front, but I do need to get my tree planted soon. In the back I'm definitely going for raised beds for the vegetables and pots for the bamboo. And raised beds for the wine grapes too.

There is an area on the side of our house that I'm going to plant blueberries, raspberries and domestic blackberries and I know those are hearty enough to do well in amended soil, but once again there will be lots of digging to get the soil to the point where it can be amended so that is going to be my challenge. But I really want to plant those in that area because it's an easy access for the neighborhood kids to stop by and pick berries without feeling like they're coming into our yard. I liked at our old house having raspberries in the planting strip because it was fun to watch the neighborhood kids pick them to snack on when they were walking by.

I haven't been out to see my horse very often yet because I've been so insanely busy. This morning I'm dressed to go but I'm so exhausted and PMS-y that I haven't decided if I'm up to it or not. Plus, I still have left-over work to get done from the event that needs to get done by tomorrow probably. Sigh. And a ton of unpacking. I'm getting tired of living amongst boxes and not knowing where things are.

I did get to go out and ride her for a bit on Saturday even though I was also exhausted and had only had five hours of sleep. We still have the challenge of me sitting through her canter without bouncing. Even when I relax my legs and am not standing in the stirrups I can feel my butt bouncing literally right up out of the saddle and of course then slamming back down on her back. I know there is a way I can just flow with the bounciness of her canter I just haven't quite got there yet. So, that is taking a lot of work. And it's good for my core. If I can find the time my plan is to start up pilates again.

After going to ride my horse I stopped by another stable that is even closer to my house because my daughter wants to start taking lessons on a regular basis, but she wants to take them on "ponies that are her size". She wants to be able to tack up the pony by herself and she's way to small to tack up a full size horse. She can barely brush a full-size horse because she's so short she can't reach their backs. And she can pick up their hooves to pick out, but I imagine it's really heavy to pick up a hoof that is practically as wide as you are. So, I had IH with me (our babysitter and adopted teenager) and we went out to see the stable and the ponies and meet the instructor. Of course we swooned over the ponies who were so cute and tiny! I really wanted to buy her a pony but we just can't afford one right now along with my horse. Of course, at this stable there was a tiny little black Welsh pony for sale that was to die for. But unless I get a new job with a few more hours where I don't have to worry about if we'll stay afloat to pay me, that's not going to happen any time soon. So, I need to make an appointment for her first lesson soon and she'll be all set with tiny ponies and a new pink Troxell helmet. Yes, there will be photos!

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