Monday, February 28, 2011

Home again home again jiggy jig

I'm writing this post from 36k feet in the air. You would think that I would like flying but I actually don't. I might like it if there weren't so many people. Really, it's the huge amount of people that really makes me anxious - all stuffed into a tin can with no escape.

I started to write the above paragraph while on the airplane, but then we hit some pretty rocky turbulence and it made me a little woozy to be trying to focus on my computer while rocking around and I was afraid my coffee would spill on my husband's laptop.

Anyway, I realize that I like flying, but I don't like being crammed in with all those strangers. Even though the majority of my flights I've been on in my life have been very pleasant. I always end up talking to other passengers and finding them interesting and on some flights it's almost like a little party with people in the seats around us talking to us or their kids hanging over the seat to talk to our daughter. But I still in general do not like being "trapped" in such a smashed in space with so many people.

I'm glad to be back at our beautiful new house. I am still incredibly enamored with the area. I met another neighbor today because our daughters have become friends from riding the bus together. They are from Southern India and although Hindi is the national language they speak a different language ... whose name I can't remember nor can I pronounce correctly. That was interesting to learn there are so many languages in India - not dialects but completely different languages, depending on the state. Makes me think that folks in U.S. who complain about people not speaking English should realize how good we have it with most of the world speaking English thus making it easy for us to be lazy. Ahem. Anyhoo.

I experienced a new crime today called skimming. I work in Pioneer Square and park in a deep, dank, off-the beaten track place because it is cheaper (now that Seattle's mayor thinks it is realistic to charge $5 an hour for street parking because he thinks people should take mass transit instead ... sure, make it hard to park so you have to take transit - instead of actually *improving* transit so that it is more appealing and user-friendly... grumble ...) Ahem. Once again ... anyhoo ... I tried to put my debit card into the parking meter and it wouldn't go in. It was like there was glue or sand or something shoved in it. Earlier in the day I'd used it and it was fine so that was weird. So I went down the street and waited behind an appliance repair guy who was putting in quarters for his parking. Then I put my debit card in and it had the same, weird sandy/glue-like consistency, but my card did go in. But then it wouldn't come out. I tried hitting "cancel" but it was stuck. I tried pulling it out myself but it was stuck. No matter what I did my card was fastened in there like cement. So, I tracked down the repair guy who was just in front of me and asked him for pliers (which he handed to me with a perplexed look) and I managed to pull my card out, completely destroying it in the process. Luckily, I saw my boss out walking his dog and he loaned me the company credit card to pay for my parking at a meter back on the main street that worked fine.

I went back to the office and my co-worker told me that she and a couple volunteers and our boss's wife had all had their credit card information stolen in the last month and the only common denominator in the thefts was that the cards were credit cards they'd used in the parking meters by our office. So, I called the bank and had our debit cards canceled ASAP. I'm wondering if I should call the west precinct and have them check it out? Although they are so busy I doubt they'd have time since no actual crime happened.

It's about time to start thinking about veggie starts and where I'm going to put them inside. My co-worker is going to plant cauliflower and broccoli this year and I've never tried to grow them before so I think I will too and we can compare notes. Of course, I will do tomatoes and snap peas again because those are so yummy when they're fresh. I also got some window boxes for our bedroom window and I'm trying to decide what to put in there that would have an evergreen-type quality to it. I'm thinking lemon balm and heather to start. It's supposed to rain all week which is good motivation for me to finish unpacking and organizing inside, but I am looking forward to starting up on my spring gardens!

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  1. I laughed out loud (really!) when I saw the title of your post. That's what I always say when I walk in the door after a trip. It's what I posted on facebook the other day when my plane landed. I thought I was the only silly one who said such things without the excuse of amusing a toddler :)