Saturday, February 12, 2011

A little time to relax

I'm nearing the end of the extra work from our big fundraiser at work so I foresee a little time to relax next week. We're not even remotely done unpacking so before relaxing there will be unpacking of course.

This morning I went out to ride my horse and was a little disappointed to find that my instructor was out of town because I finally had time for a lesson. But I had a good practice ride. For the second time ever I cantered on Girlfriend completely without stirrups! I only started to slide off when she slowed down because her trot is so bouncy. I felt bad for her because I started to slide to the left and instantly braced myself with the right rein which must not have felt good. I really need to work on using my body for balance and not instinctively pulling the reins for balance. As soon as I did it I caught myself and stopped, but I need to work on it being second nature to use my body not my hands for balance. Needless to say my back is killing me and my inner thighs are already sore. Now that work is slowing down I'm hoping to get out to ride her a minimum of three days a week and start getting back in shape.

I talked to the teenagers a lot more today because one of them was seriously hurt last week and I wanted to make sure they were all ok. SG was sitting her horse's feed trough and her horse came over, nudged her face then bit her lower lip off. I know that her horse was just being a horse and he is already so food obsessed I'm almost positive he was being territorial of his food trough, but that doesn't make it any less of a horrifying experience. Luckily, her friend, B. was coming down the hill and heard SG screaming and knew enough first aid to keep her ok until an ambulance showed up. I wanted to make sure B. was ok and she seemed to be handling it well. Her friend, E. was probably most upset - she took school off to spend the day with SG yesterday and is very empathetic so she was struggling. I keep thinking of SG's mom and how upset she must be. And how much it must have hurt. So, I will take from this lesson that my daughter must never sit in her horse's trough.

This afternoon we went back into town (read: Seattle) to take our daughter to a party, then went to pick up the last of our stuff in storage and stop by our old library to return some overdue books, pay our fines and see my friend, D. who is one of the librarians at that branch. We passed the usual contingent of career homeless alcoholics (read bums) who hang out in front and they were being loud and obnoxious as usual. But as we were leaving one of them stormed past me yelling, "And I can use the bathroom any damn time I want - aaaaaashole!" Then he proceeded to join his clan and start yelling about what fascists the rich librarians were, then started kicking garbage cans and screaming. Yay. I miss living in the city so much. Dang.

We had actually just come from our old house because the new owners left some hardware that had gotten left behind on the back porch for us and I was afraid I was going to get homesick seeing the old house and the old neighborhood. But any homesickness I had was quickly banished by the scene at the library - which some version or another has happened every time I've been there in the last year. Really, I just miss seeing my friends and neighbors, but otherwise I don't miss the city at all.

I am off to bed here in a few minutes. And it's a little hard to type because I accidentally sliced my forefinger open yesterday on my right hand and now that it's injured I'm realizing just how much I use that finger. It was a weird thing, finger tips for one thing tend to bleed a lot, but I felt it when it happened, it just didn't really hurt so I figured I'd just grazed it. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I looked down and realized there was blood running down my finger and I'd gotten blood on the box I was cutting open. It still didn't hurt though, but I ran upstairs anyway to wash it with cold water and put a band-aid on. Once I washed it out I saw what a long cut it was and it would not stop bleeding unless I had direct pressure on it so I hoped I wouldn't need stitches - which it turns out I didn't. But that's when it started to hurt. And then it hurt really badly for a little while until I loosened the bandage and took some ibuprofen. I'm not really sure what that was about. Even when I went to bed last night it was still throbbing. But I'm not sure why it took a few minutes before it hurt? I really have no theory on that. Normally I would say "shock" would cause someone to not feel pain, but I wasn't in shock and it wasn't even remotely a bad enough cut to be in shock. I may have to research that and see if I can figure out what caused the five minutes or so lapse in feeling pain.

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