Thursday, February 10, 2011

My pitbull is a delicate flower

My pitbull is very sensitive both emotionally and physically. She has very short hair and gets sunburns on her face in the summer if I don't put sunscreen on her nose and ears. And she has allergies that manifest as hives and her feet itching and swelling around her claws. I took her to the vet today because she had hives and some of them got infected again.

So, now I need to give her two benadryl capsules twice a day and two antibiotic capsules twice a day. And the only food she can eat is a special hypoallergenic food so that we can see after a few weeks if it is a food allergy. This of course poses a special problem for me - the food she's eating is dry food and normally if I have to give her a pill I just stick it in some peanut butter or a piece of meat. But since she's not allowed to eat anything else I had to just give her the pills straight. I realized that now that I've lost weight she weighs half as much as I do - which is a lot for a dog who is pure muscle.

I figured out a good strategy though. If I kneel down with my right leg behind her butt so I'm not quite standing over her but she still can't back up, and by left arm around around her chest so she can't go forward and my right arm over her back and coming around her head at the right side so she can't go to the side, it's a bit easier. Ok, so she is strong enough that the first time I tried she just knocked me over to get away, but the second time when I was very firm with her that she wasn't allowed to do that I succeeded.

It's hard to get her mouth open because her jaws are so big but there is a spot where the temporal mandibular joint (or at least what would be that if she were a human) is that if I press on it it automatically makes her open her jaws. Then I as quickly as possible try to shove the pill down her throat as fast as I can before she closes her mouth, then I hold her mouth shut while gently petting her throat until I know she's swallowed. Which can take awhile and the first time she started foaming at the mouth because she was stubbornly refusing to swallow. Then I give her some of the dry food as a treat. Then I do it again three more times. I was covered with dog slobber this evening after that ordeal. And I have a whole week of doing this twice a day to go.

Meanwhile, I did a little bit of unpacking today but there still is soooo much to do. I'm tired of not knowing where stuff is and living amongst clutter and stacks of boxes. Tomorrow I'm debating going to ride my horse or working on unpacking. I know that's kind of a crazy decision - I should decide to ride my horse. But living like this is starting to stress me out. Our room is kind of unpacked and only has two boxes sitting against a wall so I keep wanting to just stay in there. The living room, dining room and kitchen are overwhelming me. I keep reminding myself this is temporary. I have a feeling I am going to go into obsessive mode and just unpack all day. At least our bookshelves arrived today. That will help get some boxes emptied out. Ugh. Clutter stresses me out so much. Which I imagine is kind of weird in the grand scheme of things. I would analyze it but I am way too tired.

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