Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can't believe I forgot to mention the bull

One of the days we were down in AZ, we decided to go to a tourist trap called Rawhide which turned out to be great family fun. Our daughter loved it but honestly I loved it too. Way funner than Disneyland as far as grown-ups are concerned!

Much to the angst of my poor mother, they had a mechanical bull and I felt like one just can't be at a place with a mechanical bull and not try to ride it! It actually turned into enough of an argument that I threatened to call my rheumatologist long distance and get her permission to do it so that my mom would stop worrying. Even my husband started to say "No, that is a really bad idea for you with rheumatoid arthritis," but since he lives with me he knows not to fight me on doing something adventurous if I have my mind set on it. My mother has apparently forgotten what a force to be reckoned with I am when I get an idea in my head (you'd think she'd still be traumatized by that so not sure how she could forget except maybe by repressing the trauma of that part of my personality ...)

My husband actually went first and did really well, although he had eaten so much heavy food and had some beer at dinner and he couldn't handle the spinning, bouncing for more than few seconds without feeling like he was going to hurl. Then it was my turn. The worst part actually was putting on a hockey helmet (liability issue) - when the guy clipped the wire face thing on it made me have a moment of panic because it reminded me of when I had to get an MRI and the little cage they put over your face.

I did really well for a few seconds because the bull was just spinning and rocking back and forth. But I have been taught not to hold on with my legs when riding something so when it tipped to the side I slid right off (despite my best efforts). I am proud to say that my butt didn't bounce off the bull because I've had so much practice keeping my seat the last couple years - just not going off to the side! I held on till the bitter end though because my pride was making me want to try and pull myself back up before I hit the ground in hopes I could keep going. Oh well. It was super fun! I totally want to try it again! Of course the only place I know of with a mechanical bull in this area is Cowgirls Inc. and I am totally opposed to them because no real cowgirl would set foot in such a stupid place. NOT real cowgirls, frat boys. L.A. wannabe ho's in boots - and not even real boots. Stupid fashion boots. Plus, they wouldn't make it go fast enough to be worth it and they'd expect me to wear something stupid and slinky. The whole thing makes me think of this song (there are two songs on the video so scroll up to 2 minutes and 22 seconds for the second song).

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