Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is weird but good.

I've had a cold the last few days and keep taking lots of decongestants to ward off the congestion-vertigo thing, and it seems to be working, although Sudafed really does make me loopy. It's not so bad when I'm at home with no time limits on stuff to do but I had a couple miserable hours at work today where I felt all shaky and spacey from Sudafed and kept wishing for an excuse to take a nap on my boss's couch in his office instead of analyzing financial data. This particular cold is in my ears enough though I have to keep stuff draining because I did have a brief bout of vertigo on Friday night. Luckily, some quick taking of decongestants cut it short. For someone who has tried just about every recreational drug that was out there before 1990 I really don't like taking medicines with side effects. Yuck. Sometimes I wonder if I really am the same person.

Still loving the new house and neighborhood. I hate to say it because you wouldn't think there would be that much of a difference between the suburbs where I am and downtown Seattle which is only 20 miles away, but I have so much more in common with the other moms out here. I can't put my finger on it, but I have been so much more relaxed and I don't feel quite as lonely as I did when we lived in Seattle. The last few years I'd felt increasingly out of place and like I didn't quite fit in, but I feel like I totally fit in here. I haven't figured out if that's all in my head or not.

Here's an example of why I didn't feel like I fit in. We were at a small gathering yesterday and I met a woman who serves on the board of directors for an organization that the non-profit I work for does a lot of work with. We started to talk and I asked what she and her husband do and although right now she's working on her dissertation in the field of political science, her husband owns a feed store in the boonies. So, we start talking about that business and she says their first company was shipping hay to Taiwan. Well, that to me is a fascinating subject so I started asking her all sorts of questions ranging from "Why does Taiwan need to import hay?" to "How in the world did you manage to ship the hay internationally and retain the quality?" Seriously, that is a big deal! Horses need very high quality hay with no dust, extra moisture, mold or god forbid sand mixed in. Otherwise it can cause all sorts of colic which can be deadly because horses can't throw up. And of course then I had to explain to my new friend why horse's can't throw up and she in turn told me all the stuff they did to preserve the quality of the hay to ship and how hard that was ... we lost a couple people who'd been standing around with us. But that's the kind of stuff I like to talk about. My chances of finding fellow farm-geeks out here is much higher. And that makes me so happy!

One of our neighborhood families came over to help us start clearing out the empty space behind our house to put in community garden beds. We got most of the brambles cleared out but before the guys go out and by cedar planks and good dirt for raised beds we need to call the city to make sure they won't freak out if we do that. Since I'm not sure how much access they need to the storm pond. So, since we couldn't do as much work as we thought, I took the kids on an expedition through the swampy area behind the storm pond, into the woods and back to the creek. I was a little worried they wouldn't be able to climb across the dead trees that I use as a bridge to get across the swampy area, but of course, they're kids. They did fine. They thought it was pretty cool back there and I loved the my daughter kept saying things like, "This is so cool! I bet a million fairies live back here!" It is a pretty magical place. And a lot of that is because it is so wild and unattended.

My husband and I have decided to try being horse foster parents for a local horse rescue. I sent in my application yesterday. I'm actually very excited and am hoping that it will work out. I asked to foster Sinatra, who is this young horse I met when he was first at the rescue and I totally fell in love with him!

He is the one who inspired me to lose some weight so I could actually ride him. And I have lost enough weight to ride him, but now unfortunately he's having some lameness issues so he may not be rideable. But I can still do ground work with him and see if the vet will be able to rehabilitate him. I'm not sure it is practical to totally adopt him but I've been wanting to be able to be a foster home for a horse for awhile now so this is very cool.

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