Friday, April 1, 2011

Alternatives to Cartoon Network

My daughter is now 7 years old so she's not very interested in the PBS Sprout channel anymore, which is good because we don't have expanded cable anymore either. The only kid channels we have now are PBS at certain times (yay!) Disney channel (I can live with that) and Cartoon Network. Lately Disney Channel has literally been showing the same episodes of the same shows practically every night. They seem to have four episodes of each show that they cycle through for a few hours every night. So, that channel has become pretty worthless. PBS only has kids shows about four hours a day and not in the evening. So, that leaves Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network is completely Verboten! in our house. I tried to explain this to another mom yesterday and all that could come out was, "It drives me crazy and it's soooo stupid." It causes me pain it is so stupid. And the way our new house is set up, our whole first floor is all one huge room. It's like a loft style lay-out where you walk down the hall into a huge room that is our living room, dining room and kitchen without any walls. So, since my daughter gets to watch tv while I'm making dinner, it has to be something that doesn't drive me nuts. And everything (except Scooby Doo and grown-up cartoons on at night) drive me nuts. Sponge Bob for instance. WTF? And all the Sponge Bob take-offs which are amorphous blobs that screech and wail in stupid voices and fart, spit-up and puke on each other and laugh maniacally. It's just a set-up to enjoy tasteless stupid Dumb & Dumber Jim Carey comedies that aren't funny either.

More than that I HATE the commercials every five minutes (well, five if you're lucky, if it's at peak viewing time in the early evening it's every three minutes). My daughter thinks I'm mean and too strict, and maybe I am. Maybe Cartoon Network is harmless - and I don't tell her she can't watch it at her friends house (who all watch that channel). But at home I have to save my sanity and that means now CN when I'm in the house.

So, when she wants to watch tv and Disney is showing re-runs AGAIN, we've been trying to find alternatives. Well, for one thing we signed up with Hulu. But we've also been trying out different shows that aren't quite as bad. I'm surprised as the ones that seem to be a hit. Home and Garden has a show about staging houses for sale which my daughter got really into. And she loves the cooking shows on the Food Network and could watch those all day. And she likes It's Me or the Dog about training dogs. Next I'll get her hooked on Ceasar Milan. It's fun that she is old enough to have interests in things other than just cartoons. I also got her hooked on my friend from work's cooking site.

I told myself when she was a baby that I would not be as strict as my mom, but unfortunately, I am turning out to have a lot of rules myself. I try not to be one of those moms who won't let their child do frivolous things that other kids get to do, but sometimes things (like Cartoon Network) are just so tasteless and stupid I just can't allow it.

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