Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The great media battle

We've cut way back on tv the last few days as planned and it has had a positive effect. I also started recording some of my daughter's favorite PBS shows on DVR so they are available any time. The last two nights the only tv my daughter has watched is Glee with us. The first episode was ok because she enjoyed the singing and dancing. The second episode she liked but I decided it was not ok for her at her age because it was all about the kids having Brittany Spears fantasies and the dancing was over-the-top tacky/sexual for a girl her age and there was one character who kept throwing off his clothes because he was "so stimulated" which I deemed "totally inappropriate for a little kid to see!" So, we'll wait until she's older to let that be a normal show to watch. She also loves Modern Family but that one is fine for her so far. I think we'll stick to Food Network and dog training shows for her adult shows.

Meanwhile, the lack of tv has been good because she has been playing a lot more and complaining a lot less just in the last few days. This morning she complained about wanting to watch tv during breakfast and how she wasn't getting her regular quota of tv. I pointed out that the more I watch tv (and in my case am wasting time on the computer- something I need to cut back on!) the less creative I feel. I pointed out that she had been complaining about being bored a lot less the last few days since she's watched a lot less tv. She thought about it a minute and said, "That makes me not want to watch tv at all!" Then she ran upstairs and gathered up her art supplies and brought them downstairs.

I got the ok from the city to put in a community garden in the green space behind our house. I just need to email them a drawing/map of my garden plans for them to have on file. Yay! I'm going to put in a raised bed, some drought resistance meadow grass and a path down the middle to make it more walking friendly. I'd also like to put a little bench or something in there too if I can find a cheap one at a thrift store or on craigslist. I'm hoping it will catch on a pleasant place for the kids to hang out and neighbors to grow veggies or whatever they want.

My latest gardening challenge is spiders. I know, normally spiders are beneficial insects. But these are the regular garden spiders that build webs in the trees and catch bugs, these are hundreds (I really am talking hundreds) of little black ground spiders who are running around the grass in the backyard. If you walk back there when it's dry and look closely it is like a plague of little black spiders swarming around. I want to get rid of them but don't want to get ride of the rest of the beneficial insects. I wish I could just borrow someone's chickens or something to come in and eat most of them. I think my Little Dude salamanders eat them but there are apparently not enough of the Little Dudes to make much of a dent. Maybe when we start hanging out more in the backyard they will start to abate. From what we can tell the previous owners never went in the backyard. Except to put treated wood down as steps from the back porch (which we are having removed next week - yay!). But there really aren't any plants back there except the cheap, generic box hedge type plants that were put in when the house was built. And the lawn is more a garden of dandelions than lawn. But we are going to change all that this year hopefully.

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