Monday, April 11, 2011

Sending woodpeckers to peck on metal poles

That's how my husband described his day at work "I sent a lot of woodpeckers off to peck on metal poles." We were sitting in traffic in the middle of the "Mercer Mess" waiting to get on the freeway and talking about how our days went. My day was mostly a couple meetings - one of which could've been much shorter if I'd just said, "I'll make a designated account for the grant money and it will all be ok. Trust me," and left it at that. "No, don't say anything. Just trust me." But that's not how teamwork works. But today was not a good day for me to coherently explain things. Add to that my latest hang-up that I think my tone of voice when explaining things sounds too harsh so I'm trying really hard to double-check my tone of voice when I talk, I think today was just an awful day for me trying to express ideas, especially complex ones like how I'm going to work the accounting for designated grant money.

Our daughter at the ripe old age of seven has developed an extremely rude way of talking where she barks orders at everyone and if someone doesn't understand something she treats them like they're an idiot. I am constantly telling her how to "nicely say that" and reminding her to check her tone of voice, but she must be getting it from somewhere. So, out of the horror that maybe I sound really rude and authoritative when I try to explain things I'm trying to use a "soft tone" when I talk to people. I really have no idea how I come across. I usually think I come off nice until I'm really angry and start swearing up a storm, but not if my daughter is a reflection of my actions. Hmmm ... very unsettling.

The woodpecker reference is to this cute little guy who was pecking at the holes in the street sign in front of our house the other morning. He was tiny and speckled like a young bird (although it's too early in the year for him to be a baby from this Spring) and obviously thought he'd hit pay dirt by finding a "rotted silver tree filled with holes"! He spent a couple hours out there trying to find bugs in the holes in the street sign before he finally figured out there were not bugs in there. My husband - who works in the computer industry and fixes other people's code after he finds security flaws or purposely breaks it, said that he often feels the same way as that woodpecker when he's at work.

I was all set to go out and ride Sinatra for the first time next weekend and he came up lame this morning when he was being lunged at the vets today. She did some tests and took some x-rays and we'll know more tomorrow. I'm still fine with fostering him and figure it is good timing if he needs someone to do some rehab with him, because I'd like to have that time to do groundwork with him and get to know him again. Poor guy. I really think it's just an overuse injury because he's too little and young to be have been jumping, which is what they were doing with him at his last foster home.

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