Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sinatra update

I'm not feeling that great today. I'm catching a cold and just generally feeling yuck. So, I spent a little time today lounging on the couch. I probably could've used more time but I needed to go out and see Sinatra because I didn't make it out there yesterday. And I picked up a stud chain and some calming supplements yesterday.

I was very happy that Sinatra inhaled the Animotion and calming supplements that I mixed with a tiny amount of grain. He even licked up the left over powder from his feed bin. I don't see why since I caught a whiff of it when I was closing the bag and it poofed up at me a little and it smelled just like puke to me. Ugh. But then that's what grapefruits taste like to me and lots of people like those for mysterious reasons, so who knows.

I took him out and groomed him in the grooming area just to get him out of his stall and give him some attention. He was very ancy though and kept reaching his front legs way out and kicking the floor. I corrected him on that but it would only last for about three minutes and he'd do it again. I think he was bored and trying to play but his reach is so long it's just not safe in that small area to keep doing that. He stood quieter for longer this time than last week though. And when I was brushing his back after using the shedding blade he struck a Saddlebred pose - a pose I haven't really seen any other breeds do except maybe Arabians. He looked so little and cute posing like that! I called V. over to see because he really can be such an elegant little guy.

I didn't take him for a walk because V. was riding Gabi in the arena and I didn't want to deal with a hyper Sinatra outside after he tried to get away in the arena on Tuesday. It just seemed to risky for fear he could run off and not knowing the area get out to the road or something and possibly get hurt. So, I took him back to his stall and he was walking next to me like such a polite boy and *almost* walked right into his stall. Then he remembered whatever it is that makes him not want to go in and balked. I did exactly what Karen showed me and rocked back and forth and stayed very calm and clucked and said, "Come on, Sinatra, come on," and praised him when he stepped forward. He came halfway in and I said, "Good boy, and reached up to give him a pet and just as soon as I'd touched his neck he suddenly tried to rear (but I had the stud chain on) and he bolted backward out of the stall and pulled back as hard as he could with his ears back. Something must have spooked him, but I don't know what. Or he just got angry about being in the stall ... I don't know what but he definitely had a "must get out!" moment. I'm just glad no one was standing in back of him outside his stall.

I just stayed calm like Karen said and quietly said, "You're ok, Come back in, come on ... come on ..." and rocked back and forth pulling toward me, let go, pull toward me, let go - with me literally rocking forward and backward. And sure enough, it took him a minute or so to calm down, then he lowered his head and walked right into the stall! Of course, then he got lots of love and praise and a carrot and a big hug. I was very proud of him! Too bad I totally forgot that I'm supposed to then take him out and do it over again three times. Ooops! I will have to remember to do that tomorrow when I take him in.

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