Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Girl blunder

This morning I went out to check on my horses before an eye doctor appointment.  I figured I'd go out for about a half hour and then have plenty of time to drive back to my appointment.  I was just going to walk Sinatra and give Girlfriend some pets and snuggles.

As it was I got out there just before the owner was going to switch out the horse's in the pasture. I used to really like bringing in my own horse at her last stable so I said I would do it.  Especially because I'd only be bringing her in as opposed to both her and Ziggy. No problem, right?  The difference was that she was in a paddock that you access through a paddock that is currently not being used because it is so muddy.  But I was wearing my cowboy boots so I didn't care.  And without really thinking it through, instead of walking around the periphery of the paddock I walked straight through the middle. And needless to say I literally walked right out of my cowboy boots and ended up standing up to my mid-shins in mud in my socks.  Luckily, I'd at least had the foresight to roll up my jeans.

The mud just sucked my boots right in so after I stuck my feet back in them I had to pull them up by holding on to the tops of my boots instead of just pulling them up with my feet. This of course threw my balance off and made me almost topple over on my face into the mud (and into the electric fence! Eeep!).  Luckily, I did not fall over and I did get my boots out of the mud and I walked back with Girl along the periphery and neither of us got stuck again.  But then I had to drive home really fast - leave my boots and socks on the porch and run in and get clean socks and shoes and I just barely made it to my appointment in time.  And I didn't get to spend much time at all with Sinatra like I'd wanted. Doh!

My eye doctor appointment was to do some tests to see why it looks "lumpy" around my optic nerve.  And to make sure I don't have glaucoma.  The tests were kind of odd and made my eyes a little tired, but they were not unpleasant.  The part that supposed to be unpleasant (laser scans of my eye with bright blinking lights - with my eyes dialated) were not even that bad.  In fact, it was kind of interesting. I called it "a rave in my eye".  And when they were done with the test everything looked red which I found very interesting.  The coolest part though was that they were able to pull up a three-dimensional view of my eye and then chop it up piece by piece in the picture.  Ok, it was actually really cool! And the imaging is all done by lasers - which I need to look up how that works.  Initially the doctor said "It's like getting an MRI" but then I looked at the machine and said, "But the mechanics can't be the same because there's no large magnet," and he looked surprised and said, "No, it's not mechanically the same, the imaging is done by lasers," and I made some comment about all my atoms spinning together and the other doctor made a remark about "everybody line up in the same direction now!"  So, since I know how they get the image from an MRI, I need to look up now how the computer receives the data for the image from a laser.  Now I want everyone I know to go in and have their eyes scanned so I can see what everyone's optic nerves look like.  But apparently, it is a very expensive piece of equipment so no fun and games for me.

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