Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going through a little horse withdrawal

I haven't been out to see my horses since day before yesterday and I probably won't be able to go out until day after tomorrow so I'm going through a little horse withdrawal.  TB who leases Girlfriend will take Sinatra out for a bit today and the owner of the barn will take him out tomorrow, but I am feeling ancy to see both the horses.  I'm ancy to ride more too although after just one physical therapy session I'm not quite ready to be carrying the saddle and putting it on Girlfriend. I can ride her, I just can't tack her up.  Blah.  Well, and I'm not supposed to fall off either which is why I'm only riding her and not any of the other horses who are so difficult to ride at that barn.  Although I did order an eventing vest but I have to send it back because it is too big.  I thought I had measured myself well before ordering it but apparently not.  I need a small instead of a medium because it does not fit well over the chest/shoulders and if I were to fall it would hike up and the hard part over the shoulders would hit me right in the middle of my neck. No good there. 

I also ordered the absolute smallest size for my daughter but it has not arrived yet and I doubt it will fit her yet.  Makes sense since most skinny little seven-year olds are not out riding cross country.  But I got it for her not for safety so much as to give her more confidence when she is riding Tiny and gets worried about being bucked off.  Although, thankfully, at her last lesson she was able to trot and post again without getting scared so she may not need the vest yet for confidence. And she can wait to grow into it and wear it when she starts jumping in a couple years. 

Two lessons ago I told her instructor she was having a lot of fear and insecurity and believed she couldn't control Tiny, so they did a full lesson on just ground work.  I couldn't believe the difference last week in my daughter's confidence level! Tiny tried to drag her down the aisle again and she did everything the instructor told her and caught Tiny before she got going and controlled her and got her right into the grooming room all by herself.   I spent her lesson hanging out with Sinatra and grooming him and giving him some attention and "outside the stall time" so I didn't see how my daughter did but her instructor said her confidence had come back and she had trotted and posted around the whole arena and did not let Tiny take off with her even once and that she even managed to do some serpentines.

But this week my daughter is sick so I've been staying home with her.  She has a fever, very weak, scratchy throat, bad cough.  We went to the doctor yesterday and she thinks it's bacterial since she's had a cough for a week or so and now has a fever.  So, it was a huge struggle to get her to take the nasty antibiotic liquid she was prescribed.  Hopefully, she'll be feeling better today and hopefully me and her dad won't catch whatever it is.  Sigh.  Me and my mom have tickets for Saturday to see The World Famous Lipazzaners (by the way, if we take Sinatra in the arena he tries to do the Capriole move even though he's a Saddlebred not a Lipazzaner and Hello! Stall rest!).

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