Saturday, May 28, 2011

I did not escape the plague

Darn. I woke up this morning and there is no escaping that I caught whatever my daughter had last week.  That means no going to see The Royal Lipazzaners today.  Besides that I don't feel well enough to go without being miserable, I don't want to get my parents sick - especially not my 80-year old dad.  Luckily, things worked out and KD is going with my parents and is very excited.  There is a special pre-show for those of us who bought tickets through the horse rescue that owns Sinatra and I'm sorry to miss that but I'm glad that my ticket isn't going to waste. Well, it wouldn't totally go to waste because some of the money goes to the horse rescue anyway.

The pre-show sounds cool though because you get to be "up close and personal" with the horses and see them warming up.  But sometimes it just isn't worth it when you're sick.  I'd just end up feeling like I wished I could go lie down even though it would be cool.  KD's kids are over so that her husband can work in the community garden with my husband so hopefully that will keep my daughter entertained as opposed to wearing me out more.

The bad news is I don't feel well enough to go spend time with my horses or even to ride today or probably tomorrow.   Wah.  Horse withdrawal.

The weather has been just awful this Spring so at least I don't feel bad for getting my starts out late.   I put some of the bigger ones out already but the few times it has been sunny either I've been home with a sick kid or been at work or something like that.  Hopefully, today I will be able to get them out assuming it warms up a little.

Ok, my daughter is already throwing a fit because she's not getting her way (re: chasing her friend around the living room and knocking stuff over and refusing to take it upstairs to the playroom).  She wanted to stay in the living room because she wants to watch the movie that was on tv which she wasn't watching.   When I asked what was happening on the movie she had no idea but swore she wanted to watch it.  When I said she had to take the rough housing upstairs she threw herself down on the couch and screamed about how I couldn't make her do anything.  So, she got sent to her room.  Ah, parenthood.   I've become the Draconian leader that I always hated.  Life is so funny like that.

This may be a product of her new found higher confidence.  Ever since her ground work lesson with Tiny the bratty pony she has been doing so much better in her lessons.  She can handle Tiny really well on the ground now and even has the confidence to groom her and pick up her feet all by herself.  They're so cute together - my daughter is really small boned and skinny and Tiny is so ... well ... tiny. Well she's a very small pony but very rotund.  And she's got a lot more confidence riding.  Initially Tiny was so bratty and didn't listen to her and would try to run off and buck with her and her instructor would have to walk along beside my daughter and Tiny or my daughter was too scared to ride. But yesterday my instructor stood in the middle of the arena and gave direction while my daughter rode all the way around the arena at a walk and a trot and kept Tiny on the rail.  Even when Trainer K. was in there lunging Gemini (our resident Lipazzaner).  It was nice to hear Trainer V. (our instructor) gush about how well my daughter is doing.  It helps too that this a little girl who's two years old than my daughter and takes a lesson before her who has been very encouraging.

So, my latest garden research today is: why is my phlox dying? What does phlox need to be healthy and happy? Also, why - once again! Is my rhododendron dying?  I gave it better soil, compost and rhodie food? My neighbors think I know so much about garden but really there is sooooooo much I need to learn!

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