Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just a lot of complaining

I have a friend who is trying to quit smoking who has asked me to be her "stop smoking sponsor". In turn she has appointed herself my "get J.'s shoulder better" sponsor. I finally made an appointment with the doctor to go see if she can figure out what I did when I fell of Rolls and why every time I exert myself it seizes up and hurt like hell. Part if it (I KNOW!) is that I need to stop exerting myself for an actually significant amount of time ... like a month. Aaargh. My denial of what is "exertion" seems to be very similar to my friend's denial about how "one cigarette really won't hurt ..."

Yesterday morning my shoulder/neck hurt enough that I spent the whole staff meeting at work alternating between ice pack and heating pad. But then after some ibuprofen I felt better and when I took my daughter for her riding lesson I thought it might "loosen things up" if I rode Girlfriend. Plus, riding Girl at a walk/trot is really not that much exertion (for me ... since she's learned to be quiet with me). Maybe it was lifting the saddle? Sigh. We had a great ride. She seems to really like this new barn and is very relaxed but her spirits are high. And I think she likes the new arena because it is much lighter and the footing is better. And having T. (the new girl who is leasing her three days a week) and my instructor riding her seems to help too. Well, just getting ridden a lot more. Anyway, she did amazing. I'm so proud of my old girl!

One thing that is frustrating is that there are no beginner horses there except Tasha who can be borrowed from her owners for lessons with K. the other instructor, but right now Tasha has a stomach edema and can't have a saddle/girth on her. So, there aren't any horses in the entire stable that my mom can take lessons on.

So, I have no idea what is wrong with my shoulder/neck but it has to do with my SCM (sternocleidomastoid) muscle and my trapezius muscle. My SCM is totally screwed up and I'm not sure if it's a tendonitis from over-use after being pulled when I fell off Rolls or if it's something to do with ligaments or what the deal is. But I know that any kind of stress on my back makes it much worse whether it's shoveling in my clay garden, riding my horse, or picking up heavy boxes. Bah. All things that need to be done a lot while still being somewhat new in our house and our garden has to be started from scratch.

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