Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moments of unfamiliarity

I had one of those weird moments today where I felt surreal and like "Where am I? Who are you people? When am I going to wake up at my house in Ballard?" I'm in that weird state where I am starting to feel at home but it still hasn't been long enough that I feel totally rooted. It's only been three months. But I now feel like I have "my friends" and "my place" to a certain degree but when I go volunteer at the school only a couple kids know me, as opposed to our old school where kids were always saying hi and coming up and hugging me. It just takes time.

I still haven't seen any of these wild rabbits everyone speaks of either, although my daughter has. I have seen a tree frog and a big brown toad partially hidden in the mud though. And lots and lots of wolf spiders all over our back yard and the woods behind our house.

I am happy to report that Sinatra was not limping at all today when I took him out. I've been practicing walking in front of his shoulder instead of next to him, and not looking at him the way my instructor showed me. He does seem a bit more well-mannered when I do that. And I'm not taking him in the arena at all because he just gets too hyped up. But leading him the "safe way" my instructor showed me, also means I can't watch his feet, so luckily my friend, Cheryl was with me today and was able to watch him walk and said he wasn't limping at all. And other than being terrified of the big green monster we call a recycling truck, and spooking and thus almost falling over from the slippery ground, he did fine on his walk.

On the advice of some folks at Gift Horse Saddlery (which has really good prices I've found after perusing all the tack shops in the north end ... they rival my old-stand-by Stoney Creek Outfitters) I got this giant Kong like thing at PetSmart and filled it with treats. It's not actually a Kong because even the biggest ones for giant dogs aren't quite big enough for Sinatra. This thing is like the Kong Extreme or something like that. It's bigger than a football and it wobbles like those toys from the 70's called Weebles. You put small treats in it and when it's knocked around the treats fall out. Sinatra is a smart little guy and found out quickly that knocking it over meant treats, but they have to be really small, so it's hard for him to pick them up out of the shavings in his stall. So today I saw he had found a solution! Pick up the Kong, drop it in his food bin, knock it over and eat the treats without any of that annoying shavings stuff getting in the way. It was so funny watching him carry it around in his mouth! He also likes throwing it and picking it up and banging it on the side of his stall. So cute!

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