Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More about stall rest and the stir craziness it begets

After my breakdown in willpower and riding Girlfriend last Friday I have been suffering from pretty darn bad pain in my neck and shoulder - enough so that I broke down and went to the doctor. She did a bunch of movement tests and palpations and diagnosed me as having severely strained my SCM (I still think it's scalenes) and trapezius. And she said she thought I hadn't really hurt myself much by falling off Rolls, but when I didn't let my muscles heal for a few days I totally messed myself up. Despite that, I went ahead and bought myself an
eventing vest for when I ride young, spooky horses. I'm just too old to be falling off otherwise and the arthritis flare-ups it causes don't help.

I went out to see Girlfriend and Sinatra yesterday and managed to not ride Girl. I swear I'll need to ask my friend, K. to be my "no riding horses" sponsor and call her and beg her to talk me out of riding when I go out there because all sense seems to fly out the window when I'm with Girlfriend. "Surely, just walking won't mess up my muscles," and "Posting is good exercise so a little trotting would be good," and "It would be so fun just to canter around the arena once ... how much would it hurt?" Then I spend the next two days in awful pain that even ibuprofen won't help.

So, now I'm taking naproxen and waiting to hear back from the physical therapist to set up an appointment. And I'm supposed to take muscle relaxers but I'm kind of scared of them because the pharmacy info. sheet listed a bunch of horrendous side effects ranging from dizziness, nausea to seizures and death. I know all pharmacy info. sheets say that but it still freaks me out.

Sinatra seemed to be doing fine yesterday morning. I took him out and groomed him for awhile and we worked a lot on standing still in the cross ties. I don't know what he was like at his previous foster homes but he likes to back into the corner in the grooming area right now. So, there was a lot of asking him to come forward and then stand still. He started to comply after doing it over and over again. I wanted to check his feet and he was being a butt about letting me pick up his left foot. Three times he turned his head as I leaned over and tried to bite me in the butt. Finally the fourth time I managed to position my elbow just right behind me so that when he turned to bite me he bumped his nose on my elbow and decided it wasn't working for him afterall. Then he picked up his foot - which looked fine. Then when I went around to his right foot as soon I leaned over and touched his leg he lifted up his foot! I was so proud of him!

After grooming him and a short walk outside I took him back to his stall and he walked right in, no problem at all. Yay! He is also not trying to bite at me when we walk anymore which is a huge improvement. I wonder if he gets really good after some consistent handling by the same person, then it backslides when his care is turned over to a new person? I don't know how he acted at his previous foster homes but I had been told he has poor body space boundaries and is mouthy/bites. But those things seem to be improving quickly which is impressive - which is why I think he must have been better too with other people after consistent handling and his improvements with me are nothing new - he's just adjusting to me after transition to yet another handler.

I'm really having a hard time being patient with my gardening that I want to do. I need to finish filling the raised beds with dirt so I can start transplanting my starts and planting seeds, but that involves carrying heavy bags and shoveling which I'm also not supposed to be doing. Grumble. I need a cabana boy to follow around and give orders to. My husband spent much of his Saturday last weekend planting new plants for me because it involved digging holes in the nasty clay that is our yard.

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