Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I did during the end of the world

A nutjob who just happened to have a lot of money decided to put up billboards that said the Rapture would happen at 6pm PST today.  Because of this he got a lot of media attention.  His message seemed to get twisted a few times over in the translation between him and the media (or perhaps his brain and his mouth) because I never did quite figure out if the Rapture was supposed to happen today and the actual end of the world was supposed to be October 11, 2011, or if the whole thing was supposed to go down today.  He also said that it would happen at 6pm today in all different time zones. So, right now Australia should be toast.

Right now I have two friends who are of the Christian type who believe that there really will be a Rapture and then Armegedon and then the end of the world.  I am not one of those Christian types myself.  But even my two friends who are think this guy is ridiculous.  That does not bode well for him when people who the majority would say have extreme beliefs think his beliefs are extreme. It's like extreme squared.  In this video on this Huffington Post article, I am really curious what is going ot be going on tomorrow with the couple they interviewed. What will they do when the Rapture doesn't come and the world doesn't end? Will they think they have been "left behind"? Or will they have to face that they were following a crazy man and quit their jobs for nothing? And what do they say when there is a huge gap in their resume? They can't really say "I quit my job because I truly believed the world will end and then it didn't so now I need to find another job."  I find all of this fascinating. 

Other than the Judgment Day being here, I'm kind of tired and cranky today.  I've got PMS and my ears hurt a bit and I'm coming down with a cough that is going around with all the kids/families around here.  I feel like going to bed and staying there all day and watching tv but of course I actually have a to-do list.  But I got up at my normal early weekday hour today and went all the way downtown to work for a meeting all morning and now I'm feeling uninspired.  Plus, it is much cooler today and I'm not sure I want to put the last of my starts out today because I have not "hardened them off" (meaning put them out in the colder weather for a few hours at a time for a week.  And my husband claims he does not need my help for the raised beds for our community garden.  I'm really hoping to get that done this weekend so we can start planting.  I've been happily surprised by positive interest from our neighbors. I think this could be really cool.  Our own little neighborhood pea patch!  Our neigbbor SF says she always kills plants but would love to have a little herb garden for fresh herbs for cooking and this is a great opportunity for her.  She can pick up some starts and get them planted and have a bunch of us gardeners nearby to help her.   The only thing I'm concerned about is watering.  Since it's right by our house I fear all the watering will be on us which could get expensive.  I guess we'll have to cross that obstacle when it comes up though.  Right now we just need to get the beds created and some dirt delivered.

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