Thursday, June 2, 2011

A bit of a backslide

Sinatra is limping again today and I'm sad and frustrated about that.  Will the poor guy ever get over his lameness?  The good news is his feet just might be sore because he's been in the stall so much and he went a little crazy today in the rehab paddock and he might have just made himself a little sore.  We'll see over the weekend, when he's stuck staying in his stall again for the whole day without any turn-out.

He was being such a good boy today too.  I got to the barn and there were FIVE new horses being unloaded! Wow! Apparently, thirteen new horses are coming and will be living in the second barn which has so far been unused since I've been there.  I was a little worried that it would be too crowded and I'd never get to ride in the arena, but it sounds like they don't have a ton of students and are more horse trainers than human trainers.  And they have a training round pen for that too.  The other trainers are not at all concerned so I will go by their example.

Despite all the new horses coming in Sinatra was nice and quiet and showed a lot of interest in the new horses, but wasn't being unruly at all.  He's such a steady, calm little guy.  I really like that about him.  I just hope his legs will heal and he'll be strong and able to run and play without pain and do all the things he should be able to do.

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