Sunday, June 12, 2011

Far too tired to write anything really

I am actually very tired and shouldn't even be bothering to try and update my blog. But I am happy to say that the first four raised beds in the community garden are all set up and ready to go. I bought some strawberry starts yesterday and planted my hot pepper starts that have been taking forever to grow in my windowsill. I also planted cucumber and carrot seeds. I was wondering if I should water them or if it might rain tonight and as luck would have it, it started to rain right when I went in to make dinner.

I left one raised bed for my neighbor SF to use for her very first garden ever. She bought some seeds and wanted me to help her plant them, but our schedules just are not coinciding. So, I left a message for which garden bed is hers and instructed her to just read the directions on the seed packs. That's all I do. I really don't know much about gardening yet, people just think I do because I read all the directions. I'm just excited that some of my neighbors are showing an interest in gardening too. In fact, my next door neighbor's new wife was lugging a tree out to the front yard today! Yay! New tree! I probably got a little too excited about that.

I went to another neighbor's party on Friday night with my daughter and other than the hosts we really didn't know everyone. But we both had a great time (of course kids always make friends instantly) but what surprised me was that I had a good time too. A lot of people went out of their way to introduce themselves to me because they did not recognize me and knew I was a new person. That really impressed me! A good portion of the people were old friends of the hosts' from Nigeria and a few families were from other countries like India and I believe Guyana was mentioned too. It reminded me what a positive impact just a little bit of open-ness and friendliness can have. Just having one or two people at the party take the time to introduce themselves was encouraging. But having so many people do that was really inspiring.

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