Monday, June 20, 2011

Girlfriend is a perfect horse - at least for me

I had a little housewarming shindig at my house last night and one of my friends mentioned that I don't write much about Girlfriend in my blog anymore. I guess there is just no drama where she is involved. Whereas with Sinatra and his crazy anciness and physical problems there is always some drama it seems right now.

Girlfriend seems to have adjusted really well to her new barn. She is relaxed and happy and has gotten really attached to Sinatra now that their stalls are next to each other. When I take him out for a walk she calls to him as we're leaving and then when we're coming back. As soon as he's back in his stall she looks through the crack in the wall at him, then presses her body up against the wall. I'm thinking when he's able to work again and is calm again I will turn them out in paddocks next to each other and see how they do, then if they do ok, start turning them out in paddocks together.

I'm hoping I can actually get out and ride her tomorrow since I've been so busy and other than Thursday haven't had time to ride when I go out there because I"m taking care of Sinatra and changing bandages on his feet. Yesterday Sinatra was in a really pissy mood and I didn't have time to change the bandage on his foot with the abscess myself because he stomped on my toe and I ended up spending twenty minutes sitting in the grooming room next to the one he was in with ice on my toe. Luckily another horse owner was there so she could go to my car and get a portable ice pack for me while I sat there and took deep breaths and rubbed my calf because I couldn't touch my foot because it hurt so much. She thought it was broken, but amazingly, after about ten minutes of ice I could move it and it wasn't quite as swollen and black & blue as it initially started out. After twenty minutes it felt better enough to hobble around and I finished putting thrush medicine on Sinatra's feet and by then T. was there and I showed her how to change his bandage. It hurt the rest of the evening but not enough to really bother me, and I was able to limp around. Today it doesn't hurt at all (well, except some twinges) and sadly looks a lot better ... which I find disconcerting because for how badly it hurt I'd expect a much bigger bruise. Oh well.

Poor Sinatra is so over us messing with his feet. And he's so bored being in his stall. I try to remember he's like a little kid who feels fine but is told he has to stay in bed all the time. He's going to be a lot happier when he can go back to work - going out on the lunge line and being ridden and especially getting turn out with the other horses.

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