Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maybe I needed that motivational seminar

I was glad that I didn't go to work yesterday and all my co-workers, including the interns were headed off to Eastern WA for meetings because apparently the traffic was just horrible in downtown Seattle because of a big motivational seminar at Key Arena with lots of celebrities.  I really don't like motivational seminars.  Nor do I like "team building exercises" in corporate settings.  I think they are a waste of time and are just a vehicle for charismatic or famous people to make a quick buck.  I think they feed our society's need for a quick fix.  Just like new fad diets and the Suze Orman type's "if you do my special however-many-step program and save however much percentage of your income in this certain type of investment, you will be able to control the universe and nothing bad will ever happen to you and everything will be in your control - and of course you can retire at age 45."

My poor husband was stuck in the crazy traffic twice waiting for his very, very late bus both going to and coming home from work.  Yuck.  Poor guy.

Meanwhile, I had to take the girl to her first eye doctor appointment and was very happy to find that her eyes are very healthy and she has 20/20 vision.  Much like me when I was her age before I got old and started to need reading glasses.  She was very interested in the charts showing the inside of the eye and where the optic nerves are and all that.  After that we went to meet an old friend at a coffee shop where she goes with her husband once a week to draw.  I took a backpack of art supplies and it was very nice and relaxing.  And the mother of one of my daughter's good friends just happened to be there too which was a big coincidence.  My daughter loved getting to sit and do art with all the adults.

So, I have been feeling the pull of lack of motivation myself.   I think part of it is I'm going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep. And part of it is having been sick for the last ten days with an energy sapping cold.  But I feel like everything that is "supposed to get done" is crushing down on me and I keep just wanting to lay down on the couch and not do anything.  So, it's not like I can't relate to the feeling that one should go to a motivational seminar.  It's just that I don't think they do any good. They get you all pumped up and then you just go back to what you were doing before.

My attempt to get out of my slump-of-lack-of-motivation is to schedule out my time in order to get all these tasks done.  If I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time it is much more motivating so if I know I have x-amount of time to say "get the seeds for the raised beds planted" or "get the office cleaned up" or "this is my work time to work on my next novel"  it makes it easier to focus and get it done. So, for today I'm going to say that after physical therapy I am going to come home and clean up the house.  Then I'm going to plant the seeds in the raised beds that I want to get planted before it is too late in the season. 

Tomorrow after volunteering at school I'm going to work on my paid-work assuming that my co-worker gets back to me with the contact information for one of the people I need to talk to so I have enough information to do the project.  Then I have a riding lesson, then I will work on organizing the house a little more, with a focus on my office.  See, if I write that out and follow that it is easier to achieve.  And then just getting moving helps me stay moving.

I'd like to know what has caused me to become so lazy lately.  Honestly, I think it is because I was so unhappy in the city and working so hard on trying to figure out how to get out and into a life I was more comfortable with, that now that I achieved it I feel like just relaxing and not doing anything and resting.  Which is not practical when I am supposed to be doing stay-at-home mom chores and taking care of my foster horse and taking care of my daughter and working part-time. 

On that note - I am rallying and getting up and getting ready to go to PT and get my day started.  And see, I did this without spending hundreds of dollars on listening to celebrities or clogging up traffic getting to a huge arena.


  1. Nor do I like "team building exercises" in corporate settings

    Today is Wednesday. That means it's business time.

  2. I used to work right in the middle of that madness at the Key Arena. The attendees often parked illegally or in reserved spots for the surrounding office buildings. Once the seminars started, the tow trucks were quite busy. We referred to it as the annual tow-fest. I often wondered if the people who had spent all that money to see Oprah or Trump or whoever still felt motivated when they discovered their cars were gone. I'll admit that I got ill-earned satisfaction out of their misfortune. Made waiting for my very late bus mildly entertaining.