Thursday, June 30, 2011

So many thoughts. So very tired.

Today's riding lesson kicked my ass. Lots of posting and some cantering and a lot of sitting in the correct position until I swear I thought my back muscles were going to snap. This clip explains well what posting trot is. Plus, if you look closely you can see as she is posting she is also using her legs to signal the horse to keep going by touching his side gently with his heels. And she is sitting up very straight. Try doing squats while standing very straight and you will see it is NOT easy.  My legs are far enough back and straight enough right now, so now it's all about me not sitting straight enough. It's like ballet on a horse.  Constant isometric exercise. Ouch.

Anyway. Exhausting work-out today. I came home and gave the pitbull a bath and then had to collapse on the couch.

I'm making a point to go to art night on Tuesdays with friends. I haven't made time to do any painting at home, but at least I've been getting in a little practice on Tuesday evenings.  I haven't picked up any of my fiction writing again still - I keep trying but the mental block seems to still be there. It feels easier right now to find my creative outlet in painting anyway.  Right now I'm just painting horses from my horse magazines but my plan is to do paintings of rescue horses  and hopefully one day I'll be good enough to have a show and donate some of the proceeds to the rescues and also get more exposure for them.  One of the women at art night said I should teach her how to paint with watercolors but I don't actually know what I'm doing.  I said that all I was doing was splatting some paint on and hoping it would run in the right direction.  I'm hoping with enough practice I'll be able to make some good paintings and maybe then I'll have figured out what I'm doing.  If I had time I'm sure a painting class would help. Here is my second horse painting attempt from last Tuesday.

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