Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still plodding along

I am wasting time for another hour until I can take some night time cold medicine and go to bed.  I have to wait until enough time has passed from taking the day time cold medicine before taking the night time one. Sigh.  Thus has been my life for the last five days.

I did manage to rally and go to the barn to see my horses for a little bit this afternoon.  I was just going to drop off some supplements for them but I had to take Sinatra out for a little bit and groom him just to spend some time with him.  I really need to wash his tail off because it's filthy, but his one time in the wash room he was very anxious and I knew I didn't have time nor feel well enough to have the patience to help him get used to that room.  As it is, I was talking to my instructor and she went outside of the barn to smoke, and I started to follow her to finish what I was saying, but as soon as I left the grooming room Sinatra had a little panic attack and started calling to me and rearing.  My instructor gave me some pointers on how to deal with that and told me not to go back immediately but to stay where I was and very firmly say "Whooooa, you're fine."  He was much calmer after five minutes and then I went back.  I had a moment where I thought, "I just can't wait to try riding him!"  Which is good because a month ago he was being so stubborn and high maintenance I was thinking I never wanted to try riding him.

He's put on a bit of weight already after six weeks at our barn - and six weeks of stall rest and no work.  It doesn't look bad, in fact it makes him look a little more filled out and healthy.  Trainer K. says that she had a Saddlebred that had a huge growth spurt at five years old so Sinatra may still get taller.  I definitely think he is not done filling out yet, he's still so slight.  And Trainer K.'s horse had been starved at a young age too and it had slowed his growth. So who knows.  Right now Sinatra would be the perfect size for my daughter once he's older and calmer and she's got a couple more years of experience with horses.  But that is still an unknown.  For now I am his foster mom, not his owner. Although, I am getting really attached to him.

I am sad to see now that Girlfriend has shed her winter coat that she is really starting to show her age.  I'm going to up her weight gain supplements but honestly, I think it's because she's 27 years old that her back is getting more swayed and her haunches are looking bony.  She doesn't look skinny like a starved horse, she's just starting to look like an old horse.  And of course, I don't want her to be an old horse because I want her to live forever.  I have been saying that I will stop riding her when she's 30 years old, but now that it is less than two years away the reality is really looming in front of me.  I think I'll feel better about it when my cold-plague is gone and I can ride her more because riding her makes her seem like a ten year old horse at most.

I really hope I feel better tomorrow.  Laying around and slowly trying to get what little I can done despite feeling horrible is starting to wear on my nerves.  Yesterday I drug my sorry ass to work because I had to get some stuff done after staying home all last week with my daughter,  and I was just miserable.  Finally after all but one of my co-workers left for meetings in Eastern WA I was going to make my coffee and my remaining co-worker said, "You shouldn't drink so much coffee when you're sick.  You should go lie down in the boss's office instead."  So I laid down on the boss's couch and dozed off immediately and didn't wake up for a half hour when the mail carrier showed up.  Ugh.

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