Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bits of meltdowny in my head

It was a fairly good day with lots getting done.  T. rode Girlfriend this morning and she seemed to be feeling like her old self.  I am having a heck of a time giving her her medicine though. Not because of her but because I am having trouble getting it to dissolve into liquid well enough that I can suck it up into a syringe and get it down her throat.  Tonight I attempted to put it in maple syrup so that she at least wouldn't let most of it drool out of her mouth but I still had trouble sucking it up into the big syringe I use to squirt it into her mouth.  Tomorrow I think I'm going to mash it up and put it in her soaked grain.  It really shouldn't be this hard to get pills into a goop form and put it in a syringe.  I thought the hard part was supposed to be actually giving it to the horse - not the getting into the device in order to give it the horse.

It is now official that I will be buying Tuff Toad on Saturday and I will have all the paperwork in hand and she will officially be my horse.  I took her out to lunge her today while T. was riding Girlfriend and she did pretty well.  She decided in one direction that she didn't want to trot but instead wanted to just turn in and walk toward me and stand.  So, we went through those motions for awhile until she finally gave in and trotted and cantered and walked like I asked. 

Then I handed the lunge line over to T. so she could work with her.  I went and sat in the bleachers and it was hard to watch how difficult Toad was being for her.  She was testing her all over the place and kept walking half way around the circle and then standing right next to T. like there was no way she could possibly walk another step.  T. finally got frustrated and said, "How did you do that???" and I said honestly I didn't know but I was pretty sure it was only because I've worked with her something like every other day for the last week or so and that seems to help.  Toad seems to really want to connect with people and it just takes time.  And after enough tries T. was able to work it out and get Toad to do what she asked.

I'm feeling kind of in a funk this evening though.  Part of it is my house is messy and yes, it's true, that does affect my mood.  But I just didn't have time to get the house picked up like I wanted what with being a mom to my daughter and my two current horses and my soon to be horse and all the other chores I did around the house and errands I had to run.  And taking my daughter all the way to the town next to ours for her piano lesson only to get there and remember her teacher is out of town this week.  D'oh!  At least we got to listen to more of our current audio book that we are both really enjoying.  It inspires me to write.  Of course, not enough that I actually have been.  But it opens up my imagination to all the things I used to fantasize as a kid and I know there are stories in my head trying to get out.  I just need to make time to focus and write them down.  I need to purge all the other stuff out of my head though like how it's horrible that we've been in this house almost six months and I haven't totally unpacked all the crap in the garage or set up my office yet.  I need to let go of the "I will write again when x-y-z is done" messages in my head and just make time to write fiction again.

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