Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I miss the sun.

I think we're going to end up having a non-summer here in Western WA this year.  I remember in 1993 hearing about a similar summer up here when I was living in Sacramento.  In fact, this morning I got up to a note from my husband on the white board in the kitchen and he had accidentally written the date as "11/20" instead of "7/20" in a fit of sleepiness.  Yes, very appropo for the weather outside.

I've never (to my knowledge) suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which I have always attributed to having grown up in South Seattle so I'm used to and possibly because I'm mostly Swedish, English and Irish so I'm genetically not inclined to be around lots of sun all year round.  But I did notice when I lived in Sacramento my mood seemed better. Of course there were a lot of factors involved in that they may have been more than just the heat and sun.  Although, I do think I might be more relaxed when there is a lot of sun - at least part of the year.  This summer has been mostly clouds and gray.

I've finally started seeing the bunnies that people keep talking about!  Now I see them every time we go down a block to the path in the woods to the park.  The other day we saw a mom and her baby and the mom stood up like a meerkat when she saw us and tried to lead her baby off to run away but the baby was very curious about me, my daughter and the pitbull.  The pitbull of course wanted play with the baby and lick her and the baby bunny wanted nothing to do with *that*.  Watching us was one thing but getting licked by a predator was right out. 

My vegetable plants in the garden are growing really well with all the rain and getting really big.  My peas are vining over five feet tall.  But they are not producing many flowers and I had originally thought "Wow, everything is doing so well despite not a lot of sun" but now I'm seeing that they are not producing much food - just the vines and the stalks are getting huge.  There are very few flowers on my pea vines or my tomato plants.  And my broccoli looks like it's going to die before it becomes anything.  Ok, I'll be honest, my broccoli had a lot of flowers and now I can't see how in the world it is going to turn into broccoli.  My neighbors keep coming me to with their gardening questions and telling me I know so much about gardening but if I'm not even sure that actually is a broccoli plant afterall and maybe I planted different seeds in those start pots than I thought - I really don't know very much about gardening!  I guess I can chalk this year up to my getting the garden beds all built and set up and learning where I need to put up "bunny barriers" (they ate all my little carrot tops and all my little bean starts in the community garden) and next year will be more about gardening because we'll have our gardening space all established.

Meanwhile, the city government we live in has backpedaled on our community garden in the HOA space next to our storm pond and are now saying it has to go.  I'm going to have to throw a tizzy fit with them because if our community garden goes and we just let the city "maintain" (and I use that word loosely) that space - it ends up being overgrown with weeds except when they come through every two months and mowing the weeds down (and not even cleaning up the stuff that is mowed down).   Originally they said they just need ten feet along the fence of the storm pond for emergencies and the driveway clear, now they say it all has to go.  Worse case scenario is if they won't listen to reason I will send in a letter to the editor at our local newspaper about how the city forbids community garden on private property for no real reason.  That will get them to back down I bet - seeing as this town is small enough that it might matter.  Seattle was so big the city could care less what a few people out of hundreds of thousands say or think.  We'll see.  I'm definitely not going to just let them tell me that a vacant lot that our HOA owns in back of my house is relegated to only being overgrown with weeds because they have silly ordinances.

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