Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm now officially Tuff Toad's mom!

This morning in what was a too quick of a transaction between me and Tuff Toad's now previous owners.  I was in a hurry to get to my daughter's performance on her last day of jump rope camp.  She was very excited and really wanted to me to be there on time.  So, we didn't get a chance to talk as much as I wanted to, but it is all official now. The papers are signed and she is now mine.  I'm a little freaked and quite excited.

I've been stressing about who was going to do her initial 90 days of under saddle training because the trainer in Sequim who had been recommended to me raised her price recently so it seemed like a better idea to have her nearby where I can be a part of her training.  But I don't know any trainers except Trainer K. and Trainer V. and they both said they are no longer starting horses under saddle.  I did my stint of begging Trainer V. to go back to starting horses and after Trainer K. initially declined I was considering going ahead and begging her.  But I was also looking into recommendations from friends and my vet.  Then yesterday Trainer V. said she's had a talk and she and Trainer K. had agreed they will both train Toadie and split the cost.  What a relief! I won't have to send her away for training and I can be there to watch exactly what they're doing to train her so that when I start riding her I will have first hand knowledge of how she's been trained.

I had a good riding lesson with Girlfriend.  I've been working on my canter.  Girl is really bouncy and it takes a super good seat to ride it smoothly, so we're working a lot on that.  But for me it's like patting my head and rubbing my tummy because I need to keep my hands low and relax at my shoulders, and I need to keep my knees relaxed and my toes up, but when I think about my toes going up, my shoulders would lock up, and when I'd relax my shoulders my toes would go down.  Bah.  I did start to get it though and did not bounce quite as much.  After our lesson while we were cooling off I rode her out of the arena and out to the back of the property.  There's a muddy trail that goes back into a vacant lot and I tried to ride her back there but she'd have none of it.  She's scared of going out into vacant lots by herself.  But she did really well walking around the property.  I wanted to try that out so that soon we can ride a couple blocks away to the nearby trail when we have someone to come with us. 

My daughter and I are watching a documentary about dogs which is really interesting.  They brought up a study in Russia about taming silver foxes through selective breeding and how after fifty years the tame foxes began to change in appearance.  That's just one of the interesting studies they brought up.  Although, one of the studies I thought did not have a control group and the results were too nebulous because there were too many external factors not taken into account, but that still didn't change that it is an interesting show.

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