Saturday, July 16, 2011

The meglomaniacal gardener that is me

Now that I have made what could be a huge mistake of "being in charge" of the common areas in our HOA (which means answering to the city if they call again telling us something needs to be done) I went a little nuts making plans for the strip along the busy street behind our development. 

Yesterday ended up being kind of fun even though my back hurts this morning.  I took my daughter out to help me weed and my friend, K. came out with her kids some more kids in the neighborhood came out.  The kids did a terrible time weeding but they were entertaining and it was cute watching them try to work so hard.  Then R. showed up with her kids and although she had originally she had suggested weed killer, she was more than happy to turn over the project to me and get on board - so that was really cool! She showed up with a trunk full of drought tolerant plants she found for a great price at Lowes. 

I wonder sometimes if I should take the Master Gardener course at the UW because I like gardening so much.  I had a lot of fun going through the area and marking the plants we should save and planning out what we're going to plant.  My husband and next door neighbor's husband are willing to go out and pull out weeds tomorrow - I hope we can find more people to help them.  Then my next door neighbor wants to help me pick out the plants to fill in the space where all the weeds were.  It would also be good for me to take the gardening course so I could recognize plants better.  I accidentally pulled out a bean plant from K.'s yard that meets up with the common area thinking it was some funky weed like choke weed.  D'oh!

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