Thursday, July 21, 2011

My new love affair with Tuff Toad

I said that I would handle Toadie one more time alone before I made my decision whether or not buy her so I went out today to groom her and lunge her again.  This time I had to do all of it almost all by myself because Trainer V.  was teaching pony camp so I didn't even have anyone hanging around "just in case".  But Toadie did really well.  She has this deal in the cross ties where she likes to back her butt into me from the side which is totally not ok with me.  If I say no, and tap her butt she's moves it right over.  I mentioned it to Trainer V. and she said that is a bad habit she has because her previous owner lets her do that - push her butt up against her in the grooming area and then just stay there.  But to me it seems like a pushy, dominance thing and I don't want her to do it. I might be wrong, it might be a cuddly thing but I don't like it.

Trainer V. free lunged her in the arena then we let her gallop around for a few minutes.  Then Trainer V. had to go back to the pony camp program.  I picked up the cavesson and headed over to her.  I wanted her to come to me but she was too busy playing kissy-face with Rolls, whose stall is right next to the arena.  She did comply as soon as I put the lunge line on her halter and led her away from Rolls to put on the cavesson, but I would've preferred if she would've come to me when I called.  She did great with lunging again!  She walked quietly, then trotted nicely, cantered when I asked and slowed to a trot when I asked.  She was very calm and willing.  She seems like she might be starting to get comfortable with me too.  She is pretty quiet with me, I'm guessing because I'm so used to being around the super hot, very sensitive Girlfriend.

So, I'm convinced!  I want to buy her! She is so sweet and so cute and such a good girl!  And she reminds me so much of Girlfriend.  Who was also very good today when I rode her.  Although she spooked, which is unlike her.  We were riding past one side of the arena where horses are in stalls on the other side of the wall, and for some reason a horse kicked the wall really hard just as we were walking past and Girl bent in a kind of u-shape where the sound was and did a very quick sidestep dance move off to the right.  Unlike Rolls - who just pours me right off his back when he spooks - I just got jerked around a little but stayed right on her back and went right with her.  I don't know why that is except I've ridden her so many thousand+ times that I just automatically move with her, whereas Rolls and i never really clicked.

Meanwhile, the kittens are starting to resemble Tribbles.  Being just two of them  they seem to have achieved being everywhere all at once and creating an enormous force of destruction (for a collective unit that is less than three pounds).  Today was the first day I had to actually break out the spray bottle.  I'm trying to think positive like, "Hey, those curtains weren't that expensive ... we can replace them when the kittens grow up," and "I've been looking for an excuse to get a new couch."


  1. We have also been looking to buy Toad. We have been out to see her a few times. Very sweet girl

  2. I am actually buying her on Saturday but you should stay in touch. If anything were to happen that we couldn't keep her it's nice to know there are others out there who see what a great horse she is!