Monday, July 4, 2011

New Kittens!

We drove all the way to a town called Grand Mound yesterday to pick up a couple new kittens.  Our daughter wanted a pure white kitten and none of the shelters anywhere near us had any, but we found a whole litter of them on craigslist.  We just had to drive almost two hours one way to get to them.  It was worth it though because Snowflake and Nermal are so cute!  And the drive wasn't so bad, I drove one way and my husband drove the other so the driving was equally shared. And lucky for us the Eastside/Tacoma/Olympia horrible traffic spots were totally open because everyone had already traveled for the holiday today. 

Plus. we've found that audiobooks are a great way to keep us entertained and our seven year old daughter when we go on long drives.  The trick is finding stories we all want to listen to.  For awhile that was Hamish McBeth mysteries, but I forgot to put any on hold and our library rarely just has them on the shelf.  The one we listened to on the way to the San Juans last week was Eglantine: A Paranormal Adventure. Ghost stories are a hit with all of us. Next, because some good family friends are Jewish we listened to The Truth About My Bat Mitzvah which was pretty good. And now we're on The Ghost of Fossil Glen. I'm glad that our daughter likes ghost stories because even kid ghost stories keep me entertained. Meanwhile, I got a Sandra Dallas audiobook for when I'm driving alone, but even though I love her books my husband and daughter would be bored to tears.

The kittens are about 9 weeks old I think. I'm really glad we got two of them so they have each other because BuddyCat is treating them with total disdain and the pitbull is so excited to have babies around that she is too exuberant and freaking them out. They are mostly hanging out in the laundry room where the litter box and their bed are. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't use the litter box until this morning when I cleaned out the BuddyCat pee and then they both jumped in and used it. So, we're going to need two litter boxes for awhile it seems.

Here they are meeting Willow through the glass door.

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  1. So cute! And 2 hours sounds completely reasonable. We drove to Spokane (5 hours each way?) to get our dogs. I looked at it as extra cuddle/get acquainted time. Enjoy the babies!