Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes the city is ok

I took the dog out for a walk while I was at work today and noticed a musician setting up in the cobblestone square in Pioneer Square.  I used to live a block from there and I don't even know what it is called ... it's just one of the cobblestone squares next to cafe's and art galleries.  My co-worker and I were planning to go out to lunch so I suggested we get some to-go food and eat in the square.  I got the "chicken bowl" from Teriyaki Ginger (which is my usual) and we ate lunch at a little metal table with an umbrella to keep the sun off of us, listening to classical guitar.  It was actually really lovely and reminded me why when I was younger I really liked living in the heart of the city.  I still don't want to do it again but I like working downtown so I can get the best of both worlds.  Which by the way, having a grade school daughter I can not say that phrase without thinking of Hannah Montana. Sigh.

It's still nice to come home to our little house next to the woods though.  And driving home from the barn this evening just as the sun was going down was beautiful, seeing the orange light hitting the huge evergreen trees.  Girlfriend is doing great AND I managed to give her her medication with no problem today.  While I was at work all day I made an Amazon Fresh order and included some cheap maple syrup and a mortar and pestal.  So, I crushed the pills into a powder, added water to make a paste, added the syrup and it worked just fine in the (stupid) syringe.  Now I know.

I have come to accept that there will be no tomatoes this year.  Or cauliflower.  Only peas.  And maybe some peppers although I doubt it.  And two carrots that for some reason the bunnies did not eat.  I'm not sure I want to eat the two carrots the bunnies would not eat, though.  But my mom and my co-worker said that they too have not gotten anything but tiny little green tomatoes that just aren't growing.  Chalk it up to our non-summer summer this year.

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