Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strange weather and kittens (not together)

I think this is going to be one of those years where Western WA doesn't get much of a summer.  We had on in '93 I remember because I was living in Sacramento and kept hearing from my friends up here that they were not getting to have a summer because most days were cloudy and rainy.   I guess I would take that over 115 degrees like in the Midwest.  I decided back when I lived in Sacramento that I would prefer not to live somewhere that you could die if your electricity went out.  Or if you stayed outside too long.  Still, it is a little disappointing not to have very may sunny days.

The kittens continue to adjust and show their personalities as they become more comfortable in our house.  They're in their second week here so they seem to think they own the place now.  They haven't decided that they like the pitbull, but they will at least play near her and not hiss at her anymore.  They have found their favorite place to sleep at night which is the drawer in the coffee table.  They jump onto the bottom shelf under the actual coffee table, then there's a hole for them to squeeze into to get into the drawer.  The other day Snow was sitting on the piano looking sleepy and she had her eye closed and was swaying back and forth like she might fall into a deep sleep and my husband said, "Ooooh, I'm soooo sleepy.  Somebody put me into a drawer!"  I'm glad the kittens have shown themselves to be as weird as the rest of our pets.

They also have very distinct personalities.  Abby Nermal is more laid back and curious and Snow seems to have the wait of the world on her shoulders.  Nermal is more likely to walk up to the pitbull or Buddycat and check them out. But Snow is the one who goes to the bathroom in the litterbox then goes around and re-buries everyone else's poop in a very anal retentive way.  Nermal purrs every time anybody, even my daughter picks her up.  And Snow purrs whenever I pick her up.  Nermal also lets my daughter carry her around like a rag doll, whereas Snow gets more tense about that.  The only thing cuter than my daughter carrying Nermal around like a rag doll, is my neighbor's three-year old daughter carrying her brother's big white rat around like a rag doll.  I really need to get a photo of that because that is the most patient, sweetest rat I have ever seen!

Here is a photo of Nermal sleeping in my daughter's lap:

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