Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yay for new experiences

I spent the afternoon volunteering as a scribe at a schooling dressage show.  It was very interesting and apparently I did a very good job.  Except for the small fact that scribes don't talk and my natural inclination is to talk a lot.  As soon as I learned that rule I tried very hard to keep quiet and it was hard at first but actually pretty nice after the first half hour or so.  It was hard though when the judge made a comment not to respond.  At one point she muttered something and I responded during a test and she said, "You don't get to mutter. Only I get to mutter," and I had to really force myself not to laugh.

I really am always kind of frantically moving around and doing something.  I've always been a little horrified of the idea of just sitting still, quietly.  So, it was nice to just sit and not do anything until the judge started making comments and I had to write them down.  Otherwise, I watched the riders while they were warming up, or I looked at the trees and at one point between riders I watched a couple eagles flying over the arena. 

It was educational too in that I think I'll probably dream about the Training Level 2 & 3 dressage tests. And the judge kept using the word "hollow" and I had no idea what she meant.  And was not in a position to ask.   So I had to look it up.  It basically means that the back "hollows" out and the impulsion is not coming from the hindquarters but on the fore-hand.  So much to learn. So much to learn.

I put out a donation can for Sinatra's diagnostics which brought in probably $5. Sigh.  But it was nice that people even put cash into the can to begin with, especially because I didn't get there until the afternoon and everyone seemed to be getting a little tired and had had enough of the sun by then.  Seeing as it was actually sunny and 80 degrees today and none of us around here are used to that anymore and we probably all felt like our eyes were burning with something brighter than overcast haze.

Well, I'm glad I'm good at being a scribe because it's always nice to try something new and be good at it. God knows I've tried enough things for the first time and been bad at them!  It was nice to have the judge ask me to please continue to volunteer to do it because I'm quite good at it and say, "You are now officially fully trained!"  Especially since I'm feeling a little low because I feel like I failed Sinatra by not being experienced enough to really help him with his behavior.  And just in general I've been feeling a little insecure. 

Oh who am I kidding - I've been feeling insecure ever since we moved.  All the change and stuff has been really cool but also very disorienting.  Although, I noticed the other day that most of my facebook comments are now from my Eastsider "country friends" which I jokingly told my husband was a true sign that we are now totally at home here  And I do mostly feel like this is home now. Especially with cute experiences like tonight when I had to drag my daughter in to go to bed because she didn't want to stop running around back by the woods catching baby frogs with her friends.

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  1. Baby Frogs! Definitely not something we get to enjoy in the city!

    I can completely relate to that disoriented feeling and the insecurity that goes along with it. Hopefully acknowledging it will help you get out of that "limbo" stage.

    (And did I mention that I'm jealous about the baby frogs?)