Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't eat the fish and the redneck within ... oh, and Toad ... Toad!!!

I went to a fundraising auction up in Monroe with my next door neighbor this evening.  I was caught up in the spirit of things and bid on a full-day fly fishing tour.  It seemed like a great idea at the time - a $450 value and the starting bid was $85. And I really want to learn more about fishing.  Unfortunately, I got home and my husband was none too interested in going with me and has expressed doubts that even I would make it through a full day of fishing.  What is worse is that I know I would make it through a whole day of fishing just fine.  Just like I make it through a whole day of lolling around the barn just fine.  I feel like the guy in The Fly only instead of turning into a fly I'm turning into a redneck.  =help me ... help me ...=  Or I've always been one.  I guess I've always been one, I just spent a couple decades running away from myself because I thought there was something wrong with liking being in the woods, fishing and hanging around a smelly old barn.

So, now I'm wondering if I can find *anyone* who is going to want to go with me on a full-day of fly fishing.  I'd hate to show up there and say, "Yes, I'm the loser who bids on excursions for two but doesn't actually have any friends who share my same interests enough to come with me so it's just going to be me."  My friend, H. who put on the fundraiser definitely won't go with me because she's a vegan and finds my whole fishing hobby rather atrocious.  I think everyone else just finds it boring.

On a happier note ... =drum roll=  I rode Toadie for the first time today!  I was initially going to wait for a full month of training but Trainer V. said Toadie is doing so well if I wanted to hop up on her today after her training session she thought it was fine.  At first I wasn't sure because I was wearing my blue jeans and I hate Trainer V.'s super slippery leather saddle - which is even more slippery when you're wearing jeans.  But I couldn't resist so I hopped up on her and wow! I feel really comfortable on her.  She's definitely green and I had to find my groove with her as far as leg aids and such go, but she was not tense or hot at all - at least compared to what I'm used to.  In fact, she reminded me a lot of Atlas the wild Mustang at my old barn.  That gave me a little more confidence because I recall that I wasn't scared at all to hop on Atlas and try riding him.  In fact, even when he was only about six months under saddle I trotted and cantered with him.  I realized my getting thrown off Rolls *really* shook my confidence.  So, it helped me a lot to ride Toad twice around the arena at a walk today.  I didn't want to push it because I had on jeans and cowboy boots and I hate that slippery saddle, so I didn't feel in my groove the way I do in my own saddle with breeches and field boots on.  But I don't foresee her being hard to ride like Rolls and just messing with my confidence like he did.

And Trainer V. cantered with her today for the first time and she did really well.  She didn't try any of her weird little tricks that she will occasionally try on the lunge line - like kicking up high or bucking.  She was a little unbalanced to start on the canter going to the right but after one 20 meter circle she balanced herself out and did really well.

On a scary note, apparently yesterday the new girl who just brought in her brand new thoroughbred got taken away to the hospital yesterday with a broken arm and broken ribs.  Her horse, Magoo is 18 hands so he's huge.  18 hands tall means that his shoulders are six feet tall (as in his shoulders are eight inches taller than my head - and that's not the mention how high up his head is).  She was trying to lunge him the round pen which is too small for lunging a full size horse in and really freaks out Toadie and Girlfriend anyway.  And because it's so small, when he got excited during a canter and decided to buck and kick, he got her right in the arm and chest.  I couldn't even imagine how horribly painful that must've been!  The ambulance came and took her away definitely knowing she had a broken arm, but nobody has heard yet if her ribs are broken.  Yikes!  I hope she wasn't trying to lunge him in there because the trainers on the other side of the barn told her to because they didn't want her lunging in the arena while they were in there.  They told me to take Toadie out there because they wanted the arena to themselves, and we got out there and Toad flipped out and I thought it was too small because I felt like I couldn't get Toadie far enough away from me that if she did buck or kick (like she does at first) that I wouldn't be in danger.  Of course then Trainer K. and Trainer V. came out and told me *not* to lunge a full size horse in there anyway and that the other trainers had no right to tell me to leave the arena because we all have to share it. Anyway, that was scary.

But the happy note is that I think Toad and I are going to get along well under saddle.  We sure do on the ground so that is a good start!

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