Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I be Illin' - update

I went in for my ultrasound this morning for my thyroid issue.   We had to go to a new hospital because now we're Eastsiders and our old hospital in Seatttle - Swedish Hospital - is too far away.  That's the hospital where my dad, my daughter and me were all born and the hospital of choice my whole life (well, my whole life while living in Seattle ... when I had a broken neck in Sacramento I was at UC Davis Medical Center and it was an awesome hospital).  So, it's always a little weird to have to change medical care providers.

My husband took me because I'm still feeling puny - probably more from the sinus infection than anything.  And our first impression was "Wow, Eastside hospitals are really swank!" After drinking complimentary coffee (which was actually strong and tasty) and sitting by the fire doing our paperwork I had my ultrasound. Of course they don't tell you anything.  And after much -probably bad idea - googling of "inflammation of the thyroid", my options are:  acute hypothyroid, thyroid cancer, a virus in my thyroid or a bacteria in my thyroid causing it to swell up because it's filled with infected puss.  My symptoms sound like the virus in the thyroid more than anything - which ironically is what my doctor said.

So, now I have to wait till tomorrow or Friday to hear the results.  But I'm feeling much less panicked about it being cancer.   And I *think* after some antibiotics that I started yesterday I feel about 1% better which means there is light at the end of the "I just want to stay in bed and whine all day" tunnel.

Meanwhile, my poor horse Girlfriend has not been ridden in a week and I'm missing a bunch of Toadie's training sessions.  Although she missed one yesterday because of a huge sneezing attack.  Trainer K. thinks it's the new batch of grass hay we got in and switched her over to all alfalfa for the time being to see if that stops the sneezing.  She only has the huge sneezing attacks when she eats he grass hay apparently.  I hope she's not getting sick with something too.  I looked up everything I could on horses and sneezing and other than a cold or flu I couldn't find any scary cause. And she's not showing other symptoms like lethargy or fever.  Although if I can muster the energy I will try and go in today and take her temperature just to make sure.

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