Thursday, August 4, 2011

My horses are up for lease and Sinatra is gone

I was very sad to find out that T. who has been leasing Girlfriend and was going to lease Tuff Toad with me is moving home to Montana.  I have a month to find someone else to do a 2 or 3 day a week lease for one or both of them, but I am still a little stressed because T. was so perfect to share horses with me.  She recognizes how amazing and wonderful Girl and Toadie are when some people just think they're "difficult".  Actually, no one has said that Toadie is difficult, but I do know a few people have said that an OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) in general is asking for a pain in the butt.   Maybe it's because I've been handling Sinatra for the last few months, but Toadie has been really easy for me on the ground.  But her status as an OTTB proceeds her.  And Girl's status as a super-hot retired barrel racer/rodeo star preceeds her.

I put a notice on craiglist and Dreamhorse a few days ago and haven't heard from anyone.  I know it's only been three days but I am stressing I won't find anyone else, especially not someone as good of a rider and as good with my horses as T. is. 

And Sinatra went back to the rescue farm today.  I was a lot sadder than I thought I'd be.  The woman who came to pick him up ended up getting him into the trailer really well.  I realized while watching her that part of my problem is my complete lack of experience with dominant horses.  I know how to deal with dominant dogs but I don't like to, so it would stand to reason I don't like dealing with dominant horses - only in the cases of horses I don't really *know* how.  Maybe in theory but not in practice.  Sinatra just needs someone who has experience like the woman who transported him today, or like the farrier that does his feet.  I did a little begging to both of them that they foster him but they aren't in the position too.

My experience and comfort level is with super hot, submissive horses.  Horses that I call "easy" although that is subjective because I know Girlfriend and Toadie have not been considered "easy horses".  Well, Girlfriend looks easy when I'm handling her but everything changes when a stranger with a different personality handles her.  I think it's because I'm quiet, and when I "make myself big" both Toad and Girl are more than happy to submit.  Whereas Sinatra's reaction is "Oh yeah? Let's throw down!"  So my quietness doesn't go over well with Sinatra, but with Toadie it works great.

Regardless, I am very sad I couldn't be better for Sinatra and I was a lot more sad than I thought I'd be this morning to see him go.  Now I just hope that I can find someone to share Toad and Girlfriend with me because Toad needs five days a week at least of work and I know I can't do that all by myself.

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