Saturday, August 6, 2011

New syndrome and Tuff Toad is a drama queen

My adopted teenager, IH, was at her riding lesson after my daughter and her dad had a family friend's daughter with him who has Prader Willi Syndrome which is another awful developmental disorder that I've learned about in the last few month.  The other one was F.O.P.  Granted F.O.P. sounds worse, PWS sounds pretty evil too because the children who have it experience constant, insatiable hunger.  Good lord.  How has evolution come up with such nasty genetic disorders? She was a happy girl though and thin and pretty healthy looking so there is apparently lots of hope with good treatment.  I was glad she came with them because my daughter immediately took to her and they hung out so that I could stay and watch IH's lesson after my daughter's lesson was over.

When I got to the barn I put Toadie out in the front pasture because Rolls was already out in the adjoining back pasture.  I was proud of Toad because when we walked up to the pasture gate Rolls went crazy and started galloping up and down the fence of the back pasture -  rearing and bucking and showing off for his girlfriend.  Toadie pricked up her ears and her body tensed up like she was thinking of bolting away from me into the front pasture and acting like a spaz too.  But I told her no, that she needed to be polite and wait until she was in the pasture with the lead rope off and until I told her otherwise she was to listen to me and stay calm.  She actually *did* and was great until I took her off the lead rope.  Then she acted spazzy.  I was impressed.

I was less impressed with Toadie's behavior after IH came out and got Rolls to take him in to get ready for her lesson.  I was going to put Toad in the back adjoining pasture and bring Girlfriend out to the front pasture - simple enough, huh?  I took Toad out of the front pasture to the driveway so IH could go through that pasture to get Rolls out, and about that time Trainer V. walked by with my daughter on Tiny because after her lessons on nice days they go down the long driveway and down the street together for a "trail ride".  My daughter had the hiccups so Trainer V. was trying to scare her to make them go away.  So, right as I was walking Toad into the front pasture Trainer V. squealed at my daughter to try and scare her which instead terrified Toad who jumped and spun and started to breathe really hard.  I had her calmed down and started to walk toward the adjoining back pasture and Trainer V. squealed again and my daughter laughed really loudly and poor Toadie jumped and tried to spin again, and this time when I tried to walk her forward she spread her legs apart, pinned her ears back and pulled back her head with a wild eyed stare.  Sigh.

I tried for five more minutes to calm her down and have her walk through the front pasture but she would have none of it and just kept trying to back toward the entrance or at best stand still with her legs spread out for more purchase on the ground.  So, I gave up, took her to her stall, went and got Girlfriend and put her in the back pasture, then went and got Toadie to put in the front pasture again.  She was a little hesitant to even go near the front pasture but with some coaxing and probably seeing that Girl was happily eating grass in the back pasture she finally went in.  Good lord.  I told Trainer V. about it when they got back from my daughter's mini-trail ride and she was terribly apologetic, but I think it's good for Toadie to get used to lots of sounds.   She is already pretty calm about dogs barking, cars, loud music, loud talking even car alarms.  I imagine she had to get used to those kinds of loud sounds at the race track.

Tomorrow I need to go put my saddle on her and lunge her a lot because Monday she starts her training.  I'm pretty excited to see how she does.  I have a feeling she will do well.  She's been doing well with lunging so hopefully that means she will do well with riding. 

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