Friday, August 12, 2011

There is hope!

I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed that T. is leaving and I am suddenly the owner of two horses all by myself.  Last night a lovely family came out to meet with Girlfriend and me to see if their 12 year old daughter wanted to lease her.  I was a little nervous because Girl can be difficult and no children have ridden her except IH and Trainer V.'s daughter and I know them well and know their riding skills.  But after riding Girlfriend for ten minutes to see where she was at (which was her old self, very bouncy and hot) the little girl, K. hopped up on her.  Girl was very bouncy and I could tell she was thinking of bolting but K. kept her calm and I was very relieved!  Especially because her entire family and best friend were sitting in the bleachers!

K.'s mom and I went back to the barn and took Toadie out because she was a little interested in maybe leasing her.  But she hasn't had any formal dressage training so I know that Trainer V. would say "absolutely not!" for her riding Toadie during Toad's first 90 days of training.  Plus, Toadie got very anxious about a new person being with her and brushing her and handling her.  It must be five weeks at least since I started handling Toadie on a regular basis, because I was working with her for at least three weeks before I bought her.  And in that short amount of time I had forgotten how ancy and anxious she was.  So, that was good news - that she's already calmed down and bonded with me!  Even the owner of the facility told K.'s mom last night that Toadie is a different horse since I started working with her on a regular basis.  In fact, a boarder who hasn't been there for a few months was there last night and I told her I'd bought Toad and her face screwed up a little and before she could stop herself she said, "Oh dear - why???"  and I told her how well Toad has been behaving and how great she did in her first week of training and she conceded that there is a good horse in there after all.  She said what my trainers have said and what I knew too - and even her old owner had said - she just needs a daily job and lots of structure and then the amazing horse she is can come out.

I don't know if K.'s family will decide to lease her for their daughter or not, but at least I know there are others out there who do as well with Girlfriend as Taryn and I do.  It helped the little girl has mostly a Western background.  A lot of dressage riders don't like to ride Girl, although my trainer and her daughter love riding her.  But my trainer is also a high level dressage rider and her daughter has been following in her footsteps since she could walk and some of the horses I've read about that high level dressage riders choose are quite hot and not these mellow,  somewhat lazy horses like lesson horses. 

It was fun showing off my horses and I had a lot of fun hanging out with K.'s mom.  I'm hoping even if they don't do the lease we will become friends.  It was also fun that K.'s mom and dad were both "wowed" by how beautiful Toadie is.  "Magnificent" was the word K.'s dad used.

On a completely different topic, I was just listening to "Fuck Authority" by Pennywise as it came up on my iTunes.  Back when I had my own business that was ring tone that I used for my clients.  I'm kind of a teenager when it comes to ring tones.  "Sideways" by Citizen Cope is my ring tone for my husband and Hannah Montana is the ring tone for my daughter's school.

It got me thinking about my old punk rock days and how I have never quite outgrown that attitude.  Only it has grown and matured and now I am dubious of any organization that declares itself to be the "authority" on anything.  Which is a little weird because I've owned a couple businesses and ran a non-profit organization that I created and founded.  So in a way I'm kind of "the man" too.  But "the man" has gone from just our enormously corrupt government (in both parties - don't even get me started!) and folks who own large corporations (which is subjective - current CEO of Microsoft=evil,  Bill Gates=good guy) or really wealthy guys (Jeff Bezos=evil, William Gates Sr=good guy).

But I also rebel against "the man" when it is an authoratative group that is oppressive even if it is against "the mainstream".  Like in the whole natural childbirth/homebirth community for example.  I just read about some women who were passing out "Thank you for breastfeeding" cards to women in the baby formula aisle at grocery stores.  That would've devastated me when my daughter was an infant because I couldn't breastfeed because of the medications I took for rheumatoid arthritis.  And I tried to go three months without taking the medication and the RA was crippling me.  So, I see those people as "the man" too and a group to be rebelled against.   I find it ironic that it is my punk rock roots that has me rebelling against anti-mainstream groups now days too.  But then, like so many things in our society, "alternative" music, clothes and groups have become homogenized and commercialized until they are often nothing more than just another product to be bought.  It's harder to be noticeably rebellious and think for oneself.  Luckily, now that I'm older I am content to just have my own weird thoughts but still look like everyone else (well, except for the tattoos ...) and call it good.

Oh and the kittens are now at that "crack kitty" stage where they are constantly tearing around bouncing off the walls and hanging from curtains.  It's destructive but it's soooooo cute!  And Nermal is obsessed with trying to get to my coffee.  As though she needs it!

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