Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm actually feeling a little better today.  The Endocrinologist prescribed prednisone which I started taking yesterday and my pain level has gone down a lot.  It makes me feel weird though, like I'm on coke and it makes me feel kind of nervous and agitated, which now that I think about it is how I felt on coke.  Hmmm ... yuck.  Oops ... once again public information that will be used against me if I ever run for public political office. 

When I went out to watch Trainer K. work with Toadie I actually put Girlfriend's saddle on and road her for about 15 minutes until I started to feel a little nauseous because I was feeling so weak.  It felt good to hop back up on a horse though, even though I felt like my form was awful.  I did enjoy watching Trainer K. working with Toadie because she tells me everything she is doing and why she is doing it.  It makes me realize how little I know about horses but it's great information.   Toadie is so good with her and whenever she's around she gets this look on her face like Trainer K. is her mom and she gets all calm.  Of course, she does the same thing with me, but I think a bit more so lately with Trainer K. because I haven't been there much to work with her the last few weeks while I'm sick.  But I like seeing her looking so calm and relaxed.

I need to go wash the pitbull now.  I let her run around the stable while I was out there and she found the compost pile with the manure to roll in.  Then I had to put her back in the car because she got the two farm dogs and one of the stall cleaner's dogs to chase her and they were running top speed all around the farm and freaking the owners out.

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