Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jen's obnoxious music

Before we moved out of the city I made one of my favorite city friends a compilation of my favorite super obnoxious songs because we were talking about music that makes us laugh because it is so over the top.  It's got songs like Cookiepuss by the Beastie Boys and Big Dumb Sex by Soundgarden.  Jen said she listened to it while on her morning run and started laughing out loud in the middle of the jogging path at Greenlake because of some of the songs.  So, it turns out that my neighbor, D. would like a copy in exchange for loaning me a stack of cd's earlier in the summer - like all his AC/DC and Journey and Bay City Rollers.  I like D. because he is like an overgrown kid and we are the same age.  And he and his wife have a membership at a local gun club and love to go target shooting.  In large doses he might drive me nuts (his wife doesn't even try to have rules like me such as "no wild frogs in the house") but I still really enjoy hanging out with them.  Ah yes ... another of my favorites on the compilation is Born With a Tail by Supersuckers because it's just so over the top "I'm gonna hop on toppa yo mom before I go ..." Sigh. I swear I really am over thirteen years old.  But some people just bring out the teenager in me - like D. and Jen.  I miss Jen.  I wish they lived closer.  I think my obnoxious taste in music might be my way of carrying a "don't expect me to be politically correct because I think that's a cop-out to not be honest and pretend you're superior to everyone" sign.  And yes, I swear to god I really am a bleeding-heart, Christian liberal.  I just think a lot of times people using politically correct language being so sensitive about words is just a shield to cover up their racism and misogony and make them feel less guilty for what they really think.

This is my first evening in awhile that I have not had a fever so I have high hopes that after three weeks this stupid virus is FINALLY going away.  Gah.  I felt well enough to go out to the stable today by myself and check on my horses.  Girlfriend seemed to be doing just fine and Toadie is doing fine except she has a swollen bump on her belly right by where the girth goes that Trainer K. is a bug bite that has just swollen up a lot because Thoroughbred's have very sensitive skin.  I stayed long enough to put an ice pack on it for 20 minutes that seemed to really help.  And I put fly spray on her for the first time. Trainer K. has been putting fly spray on her but I hadn't yet.  She's extremely scared of spray bottles, but has been getting better.  I sprayed it on a soft brush right next to her then brushed it on her and she was doing fine.  So after doing one side of her and she being fairly calm about me spraying the brush right next to her, I went ahead and sprayed some directly on her rear flank.  Ooops.  That didn't go as well because I swear she just flew right across the grooming room. It's like her feet just came off the ground and she was instantly as far away from me as she could get while in the cross ties.  So, that was the only time I sprayed it on because I didn't want to completely traumatize her.

But then she was all riled up. so when I took her out to the pasture she was all bouncy and at one point the wind blue a tree branch near her and she bolted off to the side and bounced like she was thinking of rearing.  I was so exhausted by then it didn't even scare me ... well, that and I'm getting used to her and am starting to really know her so it's not so scary even though she's so freaking big.  I told her to calm down and she pranced a little and bounced a little but otherwise didn't run off like that, until we got to the pasture.  I wanted to put her in the back paddock next to Girlfriend and so they'd both be in the shade.  But for some reason she was all riled up and even though the entrance was not big enough for both of to go through at the same time safely, she ran past me and out into the paddock and tried to pull the lead rope from my hand.  I was so exhausted and feeling so sick my muscles were shaking so I glared at her and said, "Really? I mean ... really?" Then pulled her back in and muttered, "Crap, let's do that again." So, I took her back out to the front paddock and she started jumping around until I was able to correct her and get her to stand still.  I stood with her a minute and told her to calm down and just stand still and she seemed ok, but tried to run past me into the back paddock again.  I should've just done it over and over again until she was polite but I felt like I was going to fall down, and because she was more reserved and respectful of my space that time I said fine and took off her halter and dragged my sorry ass back to the barn.

We have this gigantic wading pool that takes up our whole back porch so most of the kids in the neighborhood spent the afternoon floating around in rubber floaties and pushing each other out of said floaties.  It was a lot of loud, raucous fun and I got to spend most of the afternoon on the couch trying to rest and keeping my ears open for screams that were not happy screams.  Luckily, there were no unhappy screams except for a few "Why did you push me off?!" but that was usually followed up by someone getting dunked so everything was ok after that.  I really like this neighborhood because there are so many kids close to my daughter's age.  When they got too cold they all migrated down the street to someone else's house until they had dried off and warmed up, then they all came back and jumped back in the pool.

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