Friday, September 23, 2011

My funny little pony

Since I've been sick the last month or so I haven't ridden Girlfriend much at all.  And now that T. is back in Montana that means Girl went from being ridden on average five days a week to once every two weeks and then only for about fifteen minutes.  So, when I got on her day before yesterday she was so excited that she started trotting before my leg was over her back and when she'd warmed up and I asked her to canter she did a series of little bucking-bronco-bucks that made Toadie's trainers laugh.  So, I need to ride her a lot to get her back to her normal self before the little girl who is going to lease her starts riding her in a week.

Yesterday I went out to ride her and spend a little time with Toad, although technically it was Toad's day off.  And I'm still getting my energy back and riding Girl can be pretty tiring so I just groomed Toad and braided her mane.  But I read Girl quite hard for a half hour to try and get some of her yah-yahs out.  She didn't buck when we cantered but she definitely broke to a gallop a few times and once when we were trotting she suddenly bolted.  She always does it in a very polite way and stops as soon as I ask her - I can almost hear her saying, "Ooops - I'm sorry. Did I just gallop? I couldn't help myself!"

After our ride since it was so quiet and only Trainer K. was at the stable I took Girlfriend's saddle and bridle off and left her in the arena to roll.  There are three big doors to the arena - one is always chained shut because people rarely use it, one is so heavy that even it's always latched you have to really throw your body against it to get it open and then there is the one I always use on our side of the barn and if you push it all the way closed it jams and won't swing open on its own so I never think to latch it.

So while Girlfriend was rolling, I went and put her saddle away, rinsed off her bit and put her bridle away, then went out to the parking lot to get something out of my car.  When I came back in the barn Trainer K. was grooming one of her client's horses, Titan,  and said, "Girlfriend is back in her stall,"  I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was coming right back, I didn't mean for you to have to put her back for me!" and Trainer K. said, "I didn't put her back.  She put herself back." 

Apparently, while Trainer K. was leaning over to unbuckle Titan's fly sheet, she heard the clip clop of hooves in the aisle and thought, "I thought J. just went out to the parking lot?" and she looked up and Girlfriend had pushed the arena door open and was calmly walking back to her stall.  She walked right into her stall and went over to her hay and started eating like it was no big deal and she was just as capable of putting herself away as I was! She is so cute!  Apparently, I need to start latching that arena door too.

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  1. Reminds me of when my dogs put themselves in their crates. Super cute :)