Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plagues & kittens

Just as I might actually be getting better from this thyroiditis now my daughter is sick.  I think she just has a cold but it's a bad enough one she needed to stay home from school.  She seemed pretty happy about it though and spent most of the day in my bed watching tv with her dolls.  Except for the hour when I needed to take some supplements to Girlfriend and wanted to stay to watch some of the Toad's training.  She got to stay in her pajamas and I told her I'd carry her to the bleachers and she could lay down with her head in her lap and watch but she said she wanted to stay in the car.  I was feeling like this might be one of those times that gets brought up by her in therapy in twenty years "... and I was on my death bed and my mom dragged me out to the barn and left me near death in the back of her car, all alone in the woods with no one to hear me scream ... all because she loved horses more than me!"

It turns out that Trainer V. stopped by to stop to talk to her and she was quite energetic and animated so I didn't have that much to worry about.  I think she would've been entertained if she watched some of the training.  Toadie is in heat so she was pretty ADD and having a hard time sticking to her tasks at times.  At one point right before I got there Trainer K. was lunging her and asked her to canter and she bolted and she's so clumsy and distracted right now that when Trainer K. pulled back on the lunge line her legs came out from under her.  When she got up she walked over to Trainer K. and hung her head and put it gently against her the way she does with me when she's either submitting or has spooked and wants me to comfort her.  So, she was acting up a little when I was watching but she calmed down under saddle.  She appears to be able to stay calm more easily if she is directly interacting with a human.  She really responds to the cues and emotions of her handler.

So, I'm sitting here half-watching Beauty and the Beast with my daughter and the scene where Gaston convinces the villagers that the Beast is evil and will "come for your children in the night", etc. and all the villagers go out chanting "Kill the Beast" it reminded me a lot of the Bush Administration with Arabs and how so many people in this country still believe that being Arab or Muslim means that you are cruel and "hate freedom and Americans".  How easily us humans are sucked into propaganda.

But I have digressed.  I was going to write about kittens.

Which I did write quite a bit and somehow managed to lose all of it.  Aargh.  Bascially, Nermal and Snow are spazzy, destructive little kittens with very different personalities.  Nermal is more of a carpe diem type of girl with a raspy little meow that sounds like she's been smoking filterless Lucky Strikes and drinking whiskey.  Snowie is more of a worrier and follows Nermal around and tried to groom her even though Nermal doesn't want her to and goes back and re-covers Nermal's poop in the litter box for her.   Nermal follows BuddyCat everywhere and tries to be just like him.  Snow follows the pitbull around and sleeps next to her and rolls around under her nose until the pitbull licks her head.  Here is a gratuitous cute kitten photo that my husband took last week.

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