Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second Time Riding Toadie!

I'm actually starting to feel better.  I woke up with a lot less pain but still very little energy.  But at least it's a start.

I went out to visit my horses and watch Toadie's training.  She was a little pissy today because she's in heat but as soon as she started working she went into her wanting to please mode which is so sweet.  I took Girlfriend out and rode her for about fifteen minutes.  We cantered in a 20-meter circle a couple times I felt like I was going to keel over right off of her from exhaustion so that was enough of that.  Then we just stood in the middle of the arena with Trainer K. and watched Trainer V. riding Toadie.

When Trainer V. was done with her training ride I asked if I could ride Toad again just briefly at a walk.  I still felt a little shaky from exhaustion but really wanted to at least try.  She had on Trainer V.'s slippery saddle that I don't like but at least today I was wearing my breeches instead of slippery blue jeans.  Toad did really well.  She responds better right now to voice commands for her gaits and listens really well to the leg (well, as well as a super green horse can listen).  I was a little nervous because it's only the second time I've ridden her and it was all on my own, off the lunge line, but she's a sweet girl.

She had a little more energy in her step than last time I rode her but none of that running-off/bolting energy that Girlfriend has.  And a couple times she got confused and just stopped and refused to budge, so I gave her a minute of not doing anything, then asked her to walk and she did.  The second time we went down the center line and I planned to turn to the left at X (the middle of the arena) and she got confused and froze in place.  The reins definitely are still confusing her some so I just did a gentle tap, tap, tap with my left heel and asked her to walk on and she eventually did turn and walk.  I gave her lots of praises and pets for that because I think she's wasn't being stubborn, she was just confused.  On the full arena and the 20 meter circle she did really well and when she'd start to drift in to the middle of the arena I'd use leg aids to ask her to go back out on the wall and she listened to that really well.  It was pretty cool! And I was starting to feel a lot more confident with her.  I feel like it's going to be ok and she and are really are going to be a good team under saddle!  I can't wait until I can start taking regular lessons on her!

Of course, now I am completely exhausted.  Sigh. But I don't have anything physically taxing to do the rest of the afternoon so there will be much rest for me. Yay!

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