Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silly pre-coffee kitten

With three cats we have two litter boxes (one upstairs in the laundry room and one downstairs in the half-bath) otherwise it becomes really overwhelming.  As it is we have to clean the litter boxes twice a day for optimal non-grossnes.  And we have a cover with a filter in it to help keep the smell out on the litter box in the downstairs half-bath so that we don't totally gross out our guests if they need to use the bathroom.

So, this morning while the hubby was making pancakes with the girl I decided to be helpful and clean the litter boxes.  So in the downstairs half bath I took the lid off the litter box and put it on the bathroom rug while I cleaned it out.  Snowie came in and looked at the lid, then crawled inside which I thought was perfectly innocent exploring.  Then I heard her scratching on the bathroom rug. Hmmm ... but then she came out looking confused and got into the litter box to pee.  But when I picked up the lid to put it on litterbox - sure enough - she had pooed on the bathroom rug.  The funny part was as soon as I put the lid on the litter box, she looked at the litter box with the lid, then looked at her poo on the rug, then looked back at the litter box with the lid.  Then she got a horrified look on her little white kitten face and ran out into the hallway and crawled under the shelf that we keep the shoes on.  Ooops!

Here is a photo of Snowie when she is on top of her game.

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